THE MARTIAN: Harry Gregson-Williams sciences the score out of new Ridley Scott film – Interview

THE MARTIAN soundtrack | ©2015 Columbia Records

From the poignantly realized rural Texas of Conan creator Robert E. Howard that comprised THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD to the epic fantasy realms of  THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and the unforgiving western territory of SERPAHIM FALLS, English composer Harry Gregson-Williams has taken listeners into unique, and powerfully encompassing musical landscapes with a sense of invention. But perhaps no vast subject of of his is sung with the feeling of one man’s resourceful personality like THE MARTIAN, a film that marks Williams’ most surprisingly intimate teaming with stylist supreme Ridley Scott after his work on KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and contributions to […]Read On »


Composer Harry Gregson-Williams guns for THE EQUALIZER – Interview

THE EQUALIZER soundtrack | ©2014 Varese Sarabande Records

Harry Gregson-Williams has often been a man on a mission of dark righteousness. Sure he’s done far gentler scoring for the likes of ANTZ, SHREK, THE TIGGER MOVIE, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and the first two NARNIA movies, where he even essayed the voice of Patterwig the Squirrel. But if you cross the side of justice, just hear Williams’ family-friendly orchestral voice set its watch to 60 seconds, and become a distinctive sound of simmering electronics, imposing strings, slicing rock guitars and beds of raging percussion – melodic, often hallucinatory music that builds for characters’ with haunted pasts to explode into body count […]Read On »


CD Review: TOTAL RECALL soundtrack

TOTAL RECALL soundtrack | ©2012 Madison Gate Music

If an old school score fan visited Rekall, it’s likely their fantasy would be to go back to the days when Jerry Goldsmith plied a roaringly thematic score for Arnie’s trip to Mars. But then, you can’t go home again to that kind of unabashedly melodic action sound. And to be fair, this isn’t your generation’s TOTAL RECALL, a time that Hollywood’s effects capabilities, and musical tastes have long since surpassed, for better and worse. Yet while there’s no surpassing the original film in every category (red cheesiness and all), this revisionist RECALL turns out to be a way more […]Read On »

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