TV Review: SOUTH PARK – Season 18 – “Gluten Free Ebola”

Randy Marsh and Mr. Garrison in SOUTH PARK - Season 18 - "Gluten Free Ebola" | ©2014 Comedy Central

Voices: Trey Parker, Matt Stone Writer-Director: Trey Parker Original Telecast: October 1, 2014 Network: Comedy Central, airs Wednesdays SOUTH PARK has a long history of having on and off weeks. Some times it’s just a matter of opinion – one person’s dislike is another person’s like. So while I absolutely loved the Season 18 debut “Go Fund Yourself,” I wasn’t too fond of this week’s uneven follow-up “Gluten Free Ebola.” While there was an occasional chuckle (the sight gag of a penis exploding out of someone’s pants and flying in the air because of eating Gluten was by far the […]Read On »

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