Jaheem Toombs on 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL – exclusive interview

Jaheem Toombs stars in 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL | © 2015 Robert Voets/Nickelodeon

In Nickelodeon’s 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL, Jaheem Toombs plays brilliant middle-schooler Fenwick Frazier, who teams up with best friends Crispo (Owen Joyner) and CJ (Isabela Moner) to accomplish some pre-freshman goals. Toombs, who appeared on THE CAPE and MR. SUNSHINE and was a reporter for FTS KIDS NEWS, didn’t have time to answer a hundred questions, but he responded to a few. AX: Did you have a lot of things you wanted to do before high school? JAHEEM TOOMBS: I’m actually the only cast member who is not yet in high school, so I still have a […]Read On »

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