Exclusive Interview: CAMELOT star Joseph Fiennes finds the magic in Merlin

Joseph Fiennes in CAMELOT - Season 1 | ©2010 KA PRODUCTIONS LTD / T5 Camelot Productions Inc.

It’s safe to say that Starz’s new series CAMELOT, premiering Friday night at 10 PM, is much less like the musical and more like the 1981 John Boorman feature film EXCALIBUR, or indeed like Starz’s blood-and-sex-drenched series SPARTACUS. Show runner/executive producer Chris Chibnall has brought forth a take on the famous British legend with plenty of darkness and detail. The wizard Merlin is played by Joseph Fiennes, famous to film audiences as the Bard in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and most recently on television as the lead in FLASHFORWARD. Fiennes gives us his take on his new series and his role […]Read On »

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