TV Review: TERRA NOVA – Season 1 – “Bylaw”

Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang in TERRA NOVA - Season 1 - "Bylaw" | ©2011 Fox/Brook Rushton

Cast: Jason O’Mara, Christine Adams, Byron Brockmann, Shelly Conn, Stephan Lang, Simone Kessell, Landon Liborion, Allison Miller Director: Nelson McCormick Writers: Paul Grellong Network: Airs on Fox, Mondays @ 8pm Original Telecast: Oct. 31, 201 Adultery and crimes of passion … is this really what TERRA NOVA should be focusing on five episodes into its 13 episode run in the first season? I don’t think so as the show has already struggled with finding its core mythology and sustaining entertaining ideas and storylines in the first few episodes. Instead shouldn’t we be learning more about why the Sixxers are banished […]Read On »

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