THE DEMONOLOGIST: Brian Krause chats about his new horror film – Exclusive Interview

Brian Krause in THE DEMONOLOGIST | ©2019 Thriller Films

In the new feature film THE DEMONOLOGIST, Brian Krause stars as police detective Damian Seryph. Investigating a series of brutal murders, Damian finds that there may be a supernatural component, and that the crimes may be hitting close to home. Krause is no stranger to otherworldly plotlines, having spent eight seasons as Whitelighter Leo Wyatt on the WB’s original CHARMED. The Southern California native got his first big break as the male lead in the 1991 feature RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON. Since then, Krause’s plentiful credits have included the cult favorite SLEEPWALKERS, guest spots on TALES FROM THE CRYPT […]Read On »


Movie Review: POSEIDON REX

POSEIDON REX | © 2014 ITN Distribution

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Brian Krause, Anne McDaniels, Steven Helmkamp, Candice Nunes, Berne Velasquez, Gildon Roland Writer: Rafael Jordan Director: Mark L. Lester Distributor: ITN Distribution Release Date: Theatrical, April 18, 2014; DVD/VOD, May 13, 2014 Low-budget creature features have a formula. The best ones either find ways to play with it or else embrace it to the hilt. POSEIDON REX simply abides by the formula without sprucing it up, goofing on it or doing anything to stand out from the pack. This would be okay if it were at least livelier, but whenever the title beast is off-screen, things […]Read On »

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