Alien Outpost | © 2015 IFC Midnight

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Reiley McClendon, Rick Ravanello, Douglas Tait, Joe Regan, Sven Ruygrok Writers: Blake Clifton & Jabbar Raisani Director: Jabbar Raisani Distributor: IFC Midnight Release Date: January 30, 2015 It’s hard to tell whether ALIEN OUTPOST is intended as a metaphor for how terrorist cells convert and/or conscript ordinary civilians to attack U.S. military outposts and how bad things can get when an installation is considered low-priority by the brass, or whether the filmmakers were consciously going for some traditional low-budget sci-fi movie concepts. For that matter, it’s hard to tell a lot of things about ALIEN OUTPOST, […]Read On »

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