Interview: COMMUNITY star Gillian Jacobs talks Season 4 hope, Season 3 dope and alternate timelines

Gillian Jacobs in COMMUNITY - Season 3 - "Advanced Gay" | ©2012 NBC/Justin Lubin

One of the strangest and comedically satisfying series on network television is NBC’s COMMUNITY.  Set at the fictional Greendale Community College, the series focuses on a study group of misfits who find themselves in very strange situations every episode. It’s a show aware of its weirdness and strangeness, but there’s also a sweet core to it as well. Gillian Jacobs plays Britta Perry, the high-strung know-it-all and supposed independent thinker who is a much more brittle than she realizes. In fact, last week, it was revealed that she’s a secret homemaker – and comes from a “long line of wives […]Read On »


Breaking News: COMMUNITY producer confident for Season 4 renewal (Wondercon 2012)

Joel McHale in COMMUNITY - Season 3 - "Biology 101" | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

While speaking today at Wondercon 2012, COMMUNITY creator and executive producer Dan Harmon revealed that he’s confident the series will be back for Season 4. “We’ll at least get half of a fourth season especially now with the Comedy Central deal,” says Harmon. “I’m not a businessman, but from what I understand, when you have a third season of a sitcom and it’s generating a certain amount of revenue per episode, it’s practical to bring it make and make it syndicatable. A fourth season pick-up for 13 would bring us to the 88 episodes. However, if we lay a fart […]Read On »


TV Review: COMMUNITY – Season 3 – “Biology 101” – Season Premiere

Joel McHale in COMMUNITY - Season 3 - "Biology 101" | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

Stars: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, Jim Rash Director: Anthony Russo Network: NBC, airs Thursday nights Original Telecast: September 22, 2011 COMMUNITY is usually so good, but when it makes a mis-step or two, it’s quite noticeable Granted, a mediocre or flawed episode of COMMUNITY is still more entertaining than most sitcoms, but still, the Season Three premiere “Biology 101” left me a little bit cold. It starts off with a pretty funny musical number about the show not being as weird as it was the first two […]Read On »

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