VET SCHOOL: Aziza Glass chats about the new Nat Geo show – exclusive interview

Cornell technician Samantha Koba hooks up "Misty" the Chihuahua for an MRI exam | © 2015 National Geographic Channels/Lisa Tanzer

In National Geographic Wild’s VET SCHOOL, Saturdays at 10 PM, we follow a real group of students as they learn how to treat a wide variety of animals through their studies at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in upstate New York. We see Dr. Aziza Glass, DVM, in her fourth year at veterinary college in the documentary series. She now has her degree. AX: It seems like any kind of medical training would be stressful under normal circumstances. How did adding cameras and a documentary crew to the process affect it? AZIZA GLASS: Actually, I would say that working […]Read On »

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