ASH VS. EVIL DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON highlights Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Releases for August 23, 2016

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD: The Complete First Season | © 2016 Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

  Movies: CLOWN – Yikes, this one is just an under-the-skin gnarly flick from the outset. First off, everyone hates clown. OK, adults hate clowns. But combined with evil, they are the absolute worst. CLOWN begins with an innocent birthday party where the person they hired as a clown for their son’s party isn’t able to come to the house. So the dad, being a good guy, finds a clown outfit in a house he is renovating and makes everyone happy. The problem is that he can’t get the outfit off the next day. Soon it becomes painful to take […]Read On »

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