Exclusive Interview: Kevin McHale on GLEE on Season 4 changes and more

Melissa Benoist and Kevin McHale in GLEE - Season 4 | ©2013 Fox/Tommy Garcia

GLEE, the series created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk about a small-town high school glee club with big dreams, is now in its fourth season on Fox, Thursdays at 9 PM. Some of the main characters graduated last year; the series follows them in their new adventures while continuing to follow events at McKinley High, where new students have joined the glee club. Kevin McHale plays Artie Abrams, who has been on GLEE from the beginning. This year, Artie is a senior. Artie is in a wheelchair, though Texas-born McHale is not only able-bodied but admired by […]Read On »

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