Blu-ray Review: VAMPIRE CIRCUS Blu-ray/DVD combo

VAMPIRE CIRCUS - Blu-ray | ©2011 Synapse Films

Cast: Adrienne Corri, Laurence Payne, Thorley Walters, John Moulder-Brown, Lynne Frederick, Anthony Corlan, David Prowse Writer: Judson Kinberg Director: Robert Young Distributor: Synapse Films Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 It’s a shame that British production company Hammer Films hasn’t received its due with more special re-releases on Blu-ray and DVD. Movies have certainly come out (Anchor Bay did a nice job in the early days of DVD), but rarely does Hammer get the deluxe treatment it deserves. Thankfully, the recent Blu-ray/DVD combo of VAMPIRE CIRCUS remedies some of that as Synapse Films takes this classic circus horror film and delivers an […]Read On »

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