Movie Review: HYPNOTICA (aka UNHINGED)

HYPNOTICA movie poster | ©2023 Terror Films

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Adam Johnson, Tim Torre, Taylor Foster, Marisa Echeverria Writer: A.T. Sharma Director: A.T. Sharma Distributor: Terror Films Release Date: March 31, 2023 (digital) HYPNOTICA opens with the supertitle: “The following is based on actual case studies.” This is broadly true, in the sense that psychiatrists treat patients for mental health issues. Oliver Reese (Adam Johnson) tells us in voiceover that, “I was going to Hell.” He then recites part of W.B. Yeats’s poem “The Stolen Child,” but substitutes “spirit” for “faery.” In fact, Oliver is going to see his psychiatrist, Mason Santino (Tim Torre). Oliver has […]Read On »


Movie Review: ADALYNN

ADALYNN movie poster | ©2023 Summer Hill Films

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Sydney Carvill, Wade Baker, Rob Shuster, Janet Carter, Suzana Norberg Writer: Jerrod Brito Director: Jake Byrd Distributor: Summer Hill Films Release Date: March 28, 2023 (DVD and digital) ADALYNN, narrated by the title character (Sydney Carvill), starts out as a movie about a woman having a very tough time with new motherhood. After beginning with an inexact analogy about polar bears, Adalynn introduces us to her new daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is born two weeks early and won’t stop crying. Adalynn sets the alarm to get up every two hours to feed her, and between sleep deprivation […]Read On »


Movie Review: JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 movie poster | ©2023 Lionsgate

Rating: R Stars: Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Laurence Fishburne, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson, Lance Reddick, Rina Sawayama, Scott Adkins, Ian McShane, Clancy Brown Writers: Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, based on characters created by Derek Kolstad Director: Chad Stahelski Distributor: Lionsgate Release Date: March 24, 2023 As the saying goes, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 came to chew bubblegum and kick butt, and seldom has there been a movie so out of bubblegum. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 logs in at two hours and forty-nine minutes (including credits). There is butt-kicking, along with head-butting, shooting, swordfights, knife fights, fistfights, car […]Read On »


Movie Review: FOLLOWERS

FOLLOWERS movie poster | ©2023 Terror Films

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Harry Jarvis, Loreece Harrison, Daniel Cahill, Erin Austen, Nina Wadia Writer: Marcus Harben Director: Marcus Harben Distributor: Terror Films Release Date: March 24, 2023 Right at the top of FOLLOWERS, we know something has gone horribly wrong. Zauna (Loreece Harrison), who we’ll shortly find out is a student documentarian, tells us we’re watching the story of “the cassette murders.” FOLLOWERS takes place in the present, but yes, that’s an audiocassette. We’ll find out its history in due course. Meanwhile, Zauna says, “This is the truth – share it.” We then get a title: “Day 1 (of […]Read On »


Movie Review: THE LOST KING

THE LOST KING movie poster | ©2023 IFC Films

Rating: PG-13 Stars: Sally Hawkins, Steve Coogan, Harry Lloyd, Mark Addy Writers: Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope, based on the book THE KING’S GRAVE: THE SEARCH FOR RICHARD III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones Director: Stephen Frears Distributor: IFC Films Release Date: March 24, 2023 While THE LOST KING deals with the search for the physical remains of the English King Richard III, the film’s primary subject is Philippa Langley. Langley has her own Wikipedia page, which notes (among other things) that the University of Leicester is still disputing THE LOST KING’s depiction of events. This all by itself […]Read On »


Movie Review: MOVING ON

MOVING ON movie poster | ©2023 Roadside Attractions

Rating: R Stars: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Malcolm McDowell, Sarah Burns, Richard Roundtree, Catherine Dent, Marcel Nahapetian Writer: Paul Weitz Director: Paul Weitz Distributor: Roadside Attractions Release Date: March 17, 2023 Clearly, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin enjoy acting together. Almost the moment they wrapped their Netflix comedy series GRACE AND FRANKIE after five seasons, they star in two movies together, last month’s 80 FOR BRADY, and now MOVING ON. MOVING ON is a few shades darker than Fonda and Tomlin’s other collaborations. In other hands, the material might be stark drama, but writer/director Paul Weitz puts a gentle, bemused […]Read On »


Movie Review: CRAM

CRAM movie poster | ©2023 Terror Films

Rating: Not Rated Stars: John DiMino, Brandon E. Burton, Conrado Falco III, Carolina Đð, Jane Bradley Writer: Abie Sidell Director: Abie Sidell Distributor: Terror Films Release Date: March 17, 2023 (VOD, digital) CRAM starts out with student Marc Lack (John DiMino) in the college library, desperately trying to complete a paper overnight. He hasn’t read the relevant book and doesn’t have any thoughts on the material. Marc engages in a protracted effort to convince his friend Alice (Carolina Đð) to let him use her paper so he won’t have to write his own. When Alice understandably refuses, Marc winds up […]Read On »


Trailer Debut: Bruce Dern in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE WILD BUNCH on Tubi

BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE WILD BUNCH movie poster | ©2023 Tubi

Streaming service Tubi is getting into the Originals game with BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE WILD BUNCH, a retelling of the classic western tale featuring Ross Jirgl as Butch Cassidy, Jilon VanOver as The Sundance Kid and Nikki Leigh as Etta Place. It debuts today and you can follow the link here. CLICK HERE TO WATCH BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE WILD BUNCH The film also stars Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern (NEBRASKA, COMING HOME) as Mike Cassidy, genre favorite Jeffrey Combs (RE-ANIMATOR) as Pinkerton Detective Charles Siringo and E.T. star Dee Wallace As Alice Cassidy. The Plot: When Butch Cassidy and […]Read On »


Movie Review: SCREAM VI

SCREAM VI movie poster | ©2023 Paramount Pictures

Rating: R Stars: Melissa Barrera, Courteney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, Mason Gooding, Hayden Panettiere, Devyn Nekoda, Josh Segarra, Jack Champion, Liana Liberato, Tony Revolori, Samara Weaving, Dermot Mulroney, Henry Czerny, Roger Jackson Writers: James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick, based on characters created by Kevin Williamson Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett Distributor: Paramount Pictures Release Date: March 10, 2023 At this point, constructing a new SCREAM movie has got to be like solving a Rubik’s cube, or maybe one of those mathematical equations relating to quantum mechanics. Just figuring out why a serial killer would dress up in that […]Read On »


Movie Review: UNWELCOME

UNWELCOME movie poster | ©2023 Well Go USA Entertainment

Rating: R Stars: Hannah John-Kamen, Douglas Booth, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Kristian Nairn, Chris Walley, Colm Meaney, Niamh Cusack, Finbar Lynch Writer: Mark Stay, story by Mark Stay & Jon Wright Director: Jon Wright Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment Release Date: March 10, 2023 (theatrical); March 14, 2023 (digital) UNWELCOME is part of a pleasing new mini-trend in horror. Instead of keeping secrets for no good reason, someone who actually knows what’s going on explains it early on, and it falls to the main characters to heed the warning or not. This may cut down on mystery a bit, but it stops […]Read On »

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