Breaking News: SUPERNATURAL Showrunner says there is life Beyond Season 8 – Comic Con 2012

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL - Season 7 - "Of Grave Importance" | ©2012 The CW/Jack Rowand

During the press event for SUPERNATURAL at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, new SUPERNATURAL  showrunner Jeremy Carver talked about how Season 8 won’t hopefully be the last season. In fact, Carver said he is confident the show could go on long after the upcoming season given the stories they have set up. “It would be a shame if there was not a set ending for the show,” Carver said.” I can tell you there is no talk about canceling it. The storylines we have set up for this year, sets up the show for years to come. So we are certainly not […]Read On »


Breaking News: SUPERNATURAL brings you Vampirates in Season 8 – Comic Con 2012

Jensen Ackles, DJ Qualls and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL - Season 7 - "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!" | ©2011 The CW/Michael Courtney

During the press event for SUPERNATURAL at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, SUPERNATURAL  producers talked about one particular episode of the upcoming season that they are very keen on. Series writer Ben Edlund said that he wrote episode 5 of Season 8 that focuses on vampires on boats. “Technically, they are vampirates,” he says. “It is about drinking blood of victims without further ramifications. It is the first script I turned in on time in the years I have been on SUPERNATURAL.” Related: Breaking News: SUPERNATURAL Showrunner says there is life Beyond Season 8 – Comic Con 2012 Related: Breaking News: […]Read On »


Breaking News: The Scoop on SUPERNATURAL Season 8 – Comic Con 2012

Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles in SUPERNATURAL - Season 7 finale - "Survival of the Fittest" |©2012 The CW/Jack Rowand

SUPERNATURAL enters its eighth season this fall and while at Comic-Con 2012, ASSIGNMENT X got the scoop on what to expect from SUPERNATURAL Season 8. We chatted with a number of the cast and crew from SUPERNATURAL during the press event for the show and got the low-down on some of the episodes that will take place. This includes an episode directed by Jensen Ackles about Mayan gods and how what happened in the past is impacting people in the present day. “There was a deal in Mayan days and it is affecting people in the modern day where people’s […]Read On »


Breaking News: FRINGE star Lance Reddick talks about the (possible) end of his character

Lance Reddick at the TELEVISION: OUT OF THE BOX exhibit celebrates Warner Bros. Television Group | ©2012 Sue Schneider

During the press event for FRINGE at San Diego Comic Con 2012, we got a nice tidbit with Lance Reddick about his role in the upcoming Season 5, the final season of the show. Reddick said he is not in the first episode of the season. However, he says “I would like to see my character have a heroic role and possible a heroic death.” A little foreshadowing or spoiler perhaps? Click on Link for all the BREAKING COMIC-CON 2012 NEWS, INTERVIEWS AND PHOTOS Related:TV Review – FRINGE – Season 4 – “Brave New World – Part 2 – Season Finale […]Read On »


Breaking News: FRINGE star Anna Torv gives us the scoop for Season 5

Anna Torv in FRINGE - Season 4 - "Subject 9" | ©2011 Fox/Liane Hentscher

With the fifth and final season of FRINGE hitting Fox this fall with a 13 episode run, ASSIGNMENT X got the scoop on what to expect from FRINGE Season 5 at this year’s Comic-Con. Anna Torv, the star of the show and who plays Olivia, said that she would love to play Fauxlivia forever, however, the show just isn’t going that direction in Season 5. “I could play her forever but we did say goodbye [to that universe]. I know that it was the end because they were pulling the sets down,” Torv says. She added “We lost our alternate […]Read On »


Breaking News: FRINGE star Jasika Nicole talks about Season 5 and Astrid – Comic Con 2012

John Noble and Jasika Nicole in FRINGE - Season 4 - "Nothing As It Seems | ©2012 Fox/Liane Hentscher

During the interview sessions with the cast of FRINGE, Jassika Nicole, who plays Astrid on the show, talked about what to expect in the fifth and final season of the Fox show. As far as going back to the other universe, Nicole says “I have low expectations. We are in this new world of 2036. And the people that where there before won’t be around in 2036. There are in this new enviornment and out doing more stuff.” But don’t worry too much because the lab looks like it will be coming back. “I think we are going to go back […]Read On »


Breaking News: FRINGE star John Noble Discusses Season 5, Walter’s role and plot – Comic Con 2012

John Noble in FRINGE - Season 4 - "Brave New World - Part 1" | ©2012 Fox/Liane Hentscher

During the press event for FRINGE at San Diego Comic Con 2012, John Noble (who plays Walter Bishop) discussed what to expect from the show’s fifth and final season. ” We are looking for Olivia and don’t know where she is. And something has happened to Walter. We have to get the brain of Walter back on track so they can move forward,” Noble says. Much has been discussed about whether or not the alternate universe would play a role in the fifth season. Noble says “I think the portal [to the other universe] is closed. In our history, there […]Read On »


Breaking News: The Scoop on MERLIN Season 5 from Comic-Con 2012

Colin Morgan in MERLIN - Season 3 | ©2011 Syfy/Nick Briggs

Big news from Comic-Con 2012 on the BBC series MERLIN (which also airs in American on Syfy) as it enters its fifth season. While speaking to the press, Angel Coulby who plays Queen Guinevere Pendragon on the series (and is also making her first Comic-Con appearance), says MERLIN Season 5 is getting much darker in the new season. “It feels much more adult,” says Coulby. “I think they’ve pushed the boundaries each time with each series and it’s gotten darker and darker. We know a huge amount of our audience is adults and we can be more ambitious with the […]Read On »


Breaking News: Three MERLIN movies in development and Season 6 possibilities for BBC TV series – Comic-Con 2012


One of the big news items to come out of Comic-Con 2012, is the BBC and Syfy series MERLIN is getting ready to develop a trilogy of theatrical films based on the TV series which is heading into its fifth season. Though co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps isn’t sure which form they will take, he talk a little bit about the plan. “We’re in discussions with BBC about Season 6, but we’re talking about the movies,” says Capps. “We’re hopefully going to do a trilogy – three movies. We will focus on them when we finish Season 5.” The […]Read On »


Breaking News: Marvel Studios President says he’s not worried about too many Marvel movies

Kevin Feige at the World Premiere of MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS | ©2012 Sue Schneider

While speaking at Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke about Marvel’s very busy movie slate. While there is a worry of overkill and over-saturating the market with too many Marvel movies , Feige says he doesn’t feel like that tipping point has happened yet and as long as they continue making great movies, they’ll be fine. “I have been at Marvel for 12 years and we had that concern going when X-MEN came out and SPIDER-MAN came out in one year,” says Feige. “The trick and formula is to try and make different movies and make them great. […]Read On »

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