During the press event for HUMAN TARGET at WonderCon 2011 held in San Francisco, executive producer, Matthew Miller, commented on the possibility of a third season of the action show on Fox.

“You want to be able to say we got picked up,” Miller says. “Unfortunately, we don’t know either way. I think that for Fox it’s going to be about how their pilots turn out certainly. I think there will also be some license fee negotiations and things of that nature. We won’t know anything until May.”

Does Fox still support the show?

“As far as I know, Warner Bros and Fox have been incredibly supportive of the show,” Miller says. “I honestly think that it isn’t a ‘no’ and they aren’t telling us. I think they genuinely do not know which way it is going to go. We are hoping.”

So it doesn’t matter then how the ratings for the show were but more about the new pilots?

HUMAN TARGET has already done its run, so it is not going to affect anything,” Miller says. “So if it was based purely on us, they would have had an answer by now. The reality is we premiered to not a great number when we aired in November. Then we had Thanksgiving the next week, then we had Christmas. So we had a really rough start. Since coming back in January, every single week we went up. They moved us from Wednesday, then we were on Friday, then we had two weeks off, then we had Monday and that was our best ratings of the season. Then we had post-[AMERICAN] IDOL, which obviously you do better post-IDOL, everyone does. So that’s a little inflated, but the preceding four weeks were really helpful to us.”

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  1. I hope to see more of Human Target a season 3 and more, its really a great show , action , fun and romance. I love it and love all characters in it. I know for a fact that a lot of people watch it in Europe and in the Middel East, we just need to know when it prodcast , so that we want keep searching for it every time. but also if that wasn’t the case , we will keep searching for it to watch it ( you can run but you can’t hide) :) :).

    • I really like the characters overall. I love watching this show. It would stink to not have another season. I want to know what happens to Chance and Mrs. Pucci!

      Miles Bajko
    • Hi
      i live in UK and i love Human Target as you say it would be an awful shame not to produce a third season

      • bring back human target im in the uk and we love it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee bring it back soon seanson 3 cant wait

        david sims
    • It would be terrible to cancel Human Target. We love this show. It is refreshing to have a show that isn’t the run of the mill cop show.


    • I love this show! FOX does not give new shows a long enough chance(pun)….seems to me that Mary Tyler Moore (whatever network) & other famous shows also were rated poorly but the network stuck with them. Can Fox do the same??

    • This show is one of the top 3 – 4 shows on TV, right up there with NCIS. I sure hope they do not cancel it.

    • i agree human target is one of the best shows on tv

  2. This is a great show for all ages. If shown enough people will watch it What it really needs is a permanent time and day slot, and continuous airing — if only 13 episodes a season, then some re-runs.

    The show itself is just fine, doesn’t need any fine tuning.

  3. I love this show.It is easy to folow and i love the whole bad guys going good theme.I need a season 3 :(

  4. Love Human Target! A great show that my husband and I watch together every week. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Season 3!!!

  5. A big part of Human Targets rating problem is that you have to search for it. Those who make a point of looking for it love it. It is my favorite show tied with Bones. I think the TV decision makers should give it another chance. I do not think they will regret it. Looking forward to Season 3.

  6. Fox could compete better across the board with other networks, regardless of their show content if they’d provide on demand programming through venues like Verizon Fios like every other network. I just watch the show on my computer via Fox network’s homepage since I can never catch it when it actually airs.

  7. This show is unbilieavabley fun! Every second puts a smile on my face!!! Keep it going! Mark Valley is friggin awesome!

  8. it would be unfair if they cancel this show…

    Towfiq I.
  9. Must have a 3rd season! I can’t believe it’s in doubt. Don’t Firefly this one Fox. Learn from your mistakes.

    Dena Rogalsky
  10. great show! fun, action, and romance all wrapped into one. you should have a 3rd season

  11. can’t wait for season 3…they really need to have a season 3…LOVE this show

  12. oh, i so hope to see more Human Target. this cast works so well together. love the show!!! bring on season 3!!

  13. Love Human Target. The cast is just beginning to gel. Bring it back.

  14. LOVE HUMAN TARGET! please bring it back!

  15. Why would you cancel the best show ever created? You wouldn’t.

  16. Great series Please bring back for a couple more seasons at least

    • you should definetly make another season, I mean… it is a fine show and most of us are just getting used to the idea of this show, you have to make it longer but keep it as interesting. good luck and i hope you’ll make another season. at least 1…

  17. Absolutely amazing show. Season one was incredible and Season 2 got better with the two new characters in it especially sexy Elsa in it. Hopefully we get to see more. And love the appreciative comments in this forum.

  18. Show was great first season.
    Second season was even better with Indira Varma.

  19. Its been cancelled… FOX suck ass

  20. I hope it hasn’t been cancelled it is a REALLY good show. Why not get rid of some of the stupid reality show instead. It sucks!

    • i agree get rid of some of the lame reality shows and get on with the good series. some more good cop shows or sci fi would be good

  21. no one says it has been cancelled yet supposed to here near the beginning of june as i work in the film industry and thats what we have been told. keep your fingers crossed cheers from van couver b.c

  22. Extremely annoyed that it looks like a third season won’t get picked up by Fox as of this writing (May 14, 2011). Already have season 1 and 2 DVD’s on my amazon.com wish list – what else can a fan do to support the series, start an internet petition?

  23. If Fox lacks the wisdom to continue this very entertaining production with its captivating cast, will any other network with more forsight be able to pick it up? It gets better every season.

  24. I love this show. It’s a shame they cancel it.

    Viola A Lafortune
  25. Have throughly enjoyed each episode of Human Target and waiting for Season 3 to begin. It would be a mistake to take this exciting, fun filled show off the market when we are constantly bombarded with more and more of these reality shows that are just plain useless.

  26. It is a Great show and getting better, there is a lot of other crap on Fox they can stop, bring on Season 3

  27. The show gets better the more shows they make, bring on the next season, there is a other crap Fox can stop

  28. One of our favourite shows if we happen to miss is we check online to makeup – never want to miss a show. Hoping they will not cancel this.

    Donna &Wayne
  29. Just discovered this show in season two. Loved every minute of it. If Fox cancels it’ll be a mistake. Mark Valley and the rest of the cast are superb. Great action, acting, humor and writing. Maybe another time slot is what’s needed.

  30. Best tv show ever watched . There has to be more .

    South Africa
  31. I agree that it would be a shame to cancel this show. It is not a run of the mill cop show. The characters are fantastic. Please bring it back.

  32. I have left two comments. Why aren’t they posting?

  33. I hope some network picks this show up. It is one of only two shows I watch every week (Nikita, the other). The characters are entertaining. Come on Fox!

  34. Please bring it back. I miss this show. I love all the characters. I plan to buy the season dvd’s as a Christmas gift to add to my media collection.

  35. Same old s**t! Cancel all the good stuff on TV!

  36. I was hooked after the pilot came out. I would love to see a season 3. if a show like castle can run for 3 seasons then human target should as well.

  37. Just simple words,,, the show is awesome.. make the comeback..

  38. I love Human Target and never miss a show.. I have purchased te DVD’s and excited to see season 3.. and FOX has cancel the show… Oh my gosh what it wrong with this network!!! Bring it back because believe me this network needs this show!!!!

  39. I LOVE HUMAN TARGET!!! Incredible show with amazing story lines and characters. They can’t cancel when Chance and Mrs. Pucci were getting close!!!

  40. I like all the actions on human Target! Is season 3 coming or not?

  41. I loved Human Target – it is a real shame that this show is being cancelled. I can guarantee that the ratings did not reflect everyone that is watching.

  42. I have never commented on anything like this before but I feel very strongly about this. You simply must continue making series 3 4 and more it’ has been the best show on tv for years and I’m already missing it. Please bring it back

  43. Human Target was well written and each character was well developed. This show if given a chance could develop into a long running show as Bones, Burn Notice and Leverage. However, it seem Fox Network is only interested in mindless reality TV and adult cartoons. Shame on FOX.

  44. Cancelling human Target is a dumb idea it brought good ole fashion action and humor. It seems that the only way to make a show work is to have vampires or be some stupid reality show or what ever the ages 3 to 13 are into. Thanks FOX for selling out like the rest.

  45. Human Target is Awesome and very entertaining show need a third season and more.

  46. Simply a big mistake on Fox not to renew this great, great show.

  47. America runs on cristopher chance!

  48. I absolutely love this show. The characters are awesome, and with each episode a little bit more seems to be revealed about each one. There’s a great blend of action, humor, and mystery about the show. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the season 2 DVD for some time, and I would love to see the show continued for many more seasons. I have to say that one of the main reasons that I like the show is that it is decent. Most of the programming on today is just filthy and I’m sick of reallty TV teaching everyone that you should like, cheat, and backstab to get what you want. Human Target reminds me of some of the shows I enjoyed in the 80s and 90s, when TV was good. Bring on many more seasons!

  49. Bring on Season 3, we have been waiting long enough.

  50. Human Target I one of the best shows I have seen in many years.You cant loose with a Marvel character like this. Very very smart programing!! Give it time. Human Target will end up making FOX BOAT LOADS OF MONEY!!!!!

    kew vaziri
    • You realy have a winner here. Breath life into this program. Give it time. You will be glad you did!

      kew vaziri

    kew vaziri
  52. I love this show! I have been looking forward to it all year. It has great characters and plots. I would love to see how the action, personal lives of the characters play out. Please bring this show back. Thanks!

  53. Such a pity this show got cancelled! I recently discovered it and I loved the fast pace of the show, filled with action,humor and great chemistry among the cast. I hope they will see their mistake and make up for it…! :-)

  54. Best show ever!! The characters are outstanding and you just want more and more and more… Come on, season 3 must be made!!! Everything else will be pure madness!!!

    Roy (Norway)
  55. This is one of the best shows i have seen in a long time and it has got me through my pregnancy i hve laughed cried and spent many a day in bed watching it over and over again. please bring it back word of mouth is better than anything else and i will tell people about this fabulous show.

    Kirsty Samson
  56. I think Human Target was the best tv show i have seen in a long time and i do hope that a season 3 will be coming out soon i have been looking on line to see if there is any plans for season 3 please say yes l

    robert c
  57. I am so disappointed that Fox cancelled this show. I only watched season 2 and will definitely watch season 1. I really hope there is a third season.

  58. I love Love Love this show, I truly hope that they will make the season 3 in the Human Target, I love all the carecters,
    PLs, keep it coming,

  59. Too bad a great show is cancelled when Fox has so many lame shows with much higher production costs (eg X Factor – really that was bad).

  60. I spent all my friday evenings at home for Human Target and loved Mark Valley as Jack in Days of our Lives. Please bring S3 back and more….

  61. the casting is wonderful…

    they all play it well…

    pl’s let it continue.. we are waiting

  62. Damn it…you producers….why you wanna kill a show which has a good rapo.I am a sri lankan form south asia and most of our ppl watched this…It is a great story…..dont kill it at least have 10 seasons……otherwise you will regret it….

  63. They became my family. I want to see season 3 and 4 . Please continue

  64. I realy love this show i watch it every time its on in Denmark and it would be a krime and a shame to cansel it so i am hoping that it will stay on forever and i am watching out for a third season of Human Target.

    Please keep it going!!!

    Stine from Denmark

  65. i was waiting for third season..boom all of sudden.

  66. lukn 4ward to seeing Chance, Guerrero, Winston, Ames & Mrs Pucci in Season 3..tht show z the best cuz t keeps u wanting 4 more..every minute spent watching tht show z worth it..

  67. I have watched both 2 series just arrived in Italy this summer 2012. The show is very very good and I hope it’ll come back with a new 3rd serie. In my opinion Mark Valley could be the new James bond actor! It looks like the new Sean Connery!

  68. cant leave human target hanging get season three up and running with the same actors cant leave pucci and chance unresolved

  69. Simply can’t believe it’s been cancelled – ‘crying shame …

  70. It is 2013 and I still miss this show! It was hot.


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