JADA performs on THE X FACTOR - Season 1 - "Auditions No. 3" | ©2011 Fox/Ray Mickshaw

JADA performs on THE X FACTOR - Season 1 - "Auditions No. 3" | ©2011 Fox/Ray Mickshaw

Cast: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Antonio Reid, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger
Network: Fox, airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Original Telecast: Sept. 28, 2011

A quick recap of what you know about THE X FACTOR: Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell returned together, a pompous British dude with a Barney-colored Polo is the host, they kicked off Cheryl Cole as a judge despite the fact that she’s a better judge than Nicole Scherzinger, it has just as many freaks, losers and bad singers as AMERICAN IDOL and, yes, it is just another copy of all the other singing/talent shows we’ve grown to accept on TV over the years.

I won’t get into this any further, so instead I’ll just give my opinions as to the chances the people that were spotlighted have in making it deep into the show.

Makenna & Brock, students
Who are they: A duet that has been singing for four years. Brock secretly (or not so secretly now) loves Makenna.
Chances of making it deep: Decent, however, the cuteness factor and sappy story may not appeal with everyone and in fact cause people not to get behind them in the long run. I could give a rat’s ass about a budding romance on stage between two people that are not as jaded or corrupt as I am.

Skyelor Anderson, student
Who is he: Some Podunk from the backside of Mississippi who had the music cut out from under him during his audition.
Chances of making it deep: Not bad. He proved he is unflappable but just going forward with the audition. He’s got a decent voice and he has that Southern charm that seems unjaded from the rest of society. Still, shows like this love showing his story for a few episodes then just throwing him out with the bathwater as an afterthought.

J. Mark Inman, student
Who is he: He’s only in it for the money and did a very interesting rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep.”
Chances of making it deep: Weak. There’s no way in hell he makes it past the next stage.

Arin Ray
Who is he: We don’t know, we didn’t get a profile.
Chances of making it deep: Not bad. Based on the 10 seconds we got he sounded really good. Has a good look and is young so he might be what they are looking for.

Joshua Krajcik, burrito maker
Who is he: The dude that makes burrito and smells like onions and is a hard rocker but a momma’s boy.
Chances of making it deep: Release the Krajcik! I was telling myself this dude was awful the moment he appeared … yet, he can sing and make burritos. Damn, I’m impressed. He’s got a good voice and an interesting story and a nice mom, what’s not to like?

Drew Ryniewicz, student
Who is she: The Justin Bieber fanatic that wants to sing with him as her lifelong goal.
Chances of making it deep: Good. She took a song that was terrible and made it actually sound decent and has some skills as a singer despite only being 14. Pretty amazing. Oh and a great comment from Nicole “I liked the original version better… that’s a problem because I like your version better.” Wait, you just said you liked the original better …I’m confused.

4Shore, students and workers
Who are they: The group of friends that sang in high school and continued to sing after.
Chances of making it deep: Weak. Not only do they sound like a high school quartet, but they may get lost or outclassed by a single performer.

Elaine Gibbs, wedding singer
Who is she: The grandmother that also happens to sing at weddings.
Chances of making it deep: Weak. I know we only got a few seconds of her but it didn’t really impress with all of her screaming and nonsense.

Francesca Duncan, high school graduate
Who is she: Not quite sure other than a high schooler.
Chances of making it deep: Weak. I say this because not only did we get like 5 seconds with her but I could have sworn I saw two identical women that looked the same as she does.

Tiger Budbill, wedding DJ
Who is he: A weeding DJ … we didn’t get a back story.
Chances of making it deep: Weak. He can hold a note that’s for sure but he doesn’t have the look or the style to make it past the initial rounds.

Philip Lomax, part time waiter
Who is he: He’s a part time waiter from Seattle that sang Sinatra.
Chances of making it deep: If this was AMERICAN IDOL, Simon would have said get his clichéd old time shtick off the stage right now. Then lambast him about doing a song way too old for him. Here, he gives him a thumb up. Oh, how the mighty have fallen when it comes to forking over their own money.

Tina Tolliver, deli clerk
Who is she: The full of energy person that makes sandwiches for a living.
Chances of making it deep: Weak. She’s tone deaf. Yeah, she has energy but that’s it really, she still is a terrible singer. Plus, no one likes manufactured drama and that’s what this was … manufactured, fake drama that was pre-planned from the beginning in order to get people talking. Guess what, this is what makes people hate this show. Make it real or change the channel.


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Article:TV Review – THE X FACTOR – Season 1 – “Auditions No. 3”

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  1. JADA should have made it all the way. if you heard them sing then you would understand but they made Jada look bad and stupid on the tv version for whatever reason everyone is saying they were bad … go to their sites and see for urself .Simon Cowell is an IDIOT!! I guess they just dont bring the drama or baggage to the show! go to Jadamusic.com
    Also I heard from ppl that were there that the audience wasnt too happy with the decision and booed the judges and that Nicole wanted them but they dont show that. the show is FAKE!! I think Simon is ANTI AMERICAN GIRL GROUP and his judges do waht HE tells them to do!

    • this show is a joke! Simon Cowell is a joke!


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