Stars: Greg Grunberg, Constance Zimmer
: Cindy Chupack
: Marc Buckland
: NBC, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast
: June 2, 2011

The good news, the person who greenlit the new NBC anthology romantic comedy series has long since been fired and a new regime is in place. The bad news, I still had to sit through one of the worst hours of television that I will never get back.

LOVE BITES has an unfortunate name, because it’s easy to sum up the show in one easy work. It bites. And it bites hard.

The idea of a romantic anthology isn’t a new one (LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE anyone), but the problem is, this kind of show just doesn’t cut it on network television anymore. It feels like a neutered romantic indie film searching for some kind of heart and soul. The dialogue is TV-friendly cute and the scenarios are unbelievable and rather anti-climactic (someone makes a joke that Anna Paquin made being bi-sexual not interesting anymore – BAD!)

Trying to quell the fear that audiences will not a follow a weekly show without recurring characters, LOVE BITES strings together three different stories loosely anchored by married couple Colleen and Judd Rouscher (Constance Zimmer and Greg Grunberg).

The three stories in his series premiere are pretty lame. The first one follows a woman who feels her pregnant friend gets all the men because she has a great story – she’s a surrogate to her sister’s baby. In order to beat that story, she claims she’s a virgin to a guy she likes at a bar, and then finds out lying is not a good thing.

That’s the story. Really. That’s it. Oh, and there’s some BATTLESTAR GALACTICA references, because, well, LOVE BITES is produced by NBC and NBC owns BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

The second story finds a guy getting fired from his job and then feels inadequate because his fiancée has orgasms with her super-powered vibrator and not with him.

I’m not lying, seriously, that’s the story. The pay-off, well, after the hour was over, I didn’t really see a point to that story. It was a loose idea, and nothing more. No story. No real resolution. Just someone thinking, “hey, wouldn’t it be funny if a woman could only have orgasms with a vibrator.” Unfortunately, no one had the heart to tell creator and writer Cindy Chupack that you need more to hang an anthology story on.

The final story follows Judd on a bachelor party fishing trip with guest star Craig Robinson (of THE OFFICE). They have to fly overnight, and on the plane is Jennifer Love Hewitt, playing, well Jennifer Love Hewitt. Judd has such a great relationship with his wife, they have a “do it” list with celebrities. If they ever get a chance to bed that celebrity, they get to do it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is at the top of the list. So Judd and Jennifer (unrealistically, mind you) connect on the flight, he tells her his story and she wants to do it with him in the airplane bathroom. The reality though – the bathroom in an airplane is a horrible place to have sex, and well, Judd loves his wife and can’t go through it.

Wow. No real surprise here.

LOVE BITES is not edgy, it’s not funny and well, it’s pretty awful. I’m all for any network including NBC to take a chance, particularly on a terribly hard format like a romantic anthology series, but to deliver such an atrocious piece of garbage like this is shocking.

Who thought this would work?

Well, NBC clearly didn’t. Even though it was greenlighted, it was supposed to air in the fall, then midseason and now it’s being dumped into the dead of summer where it’s been given little to no promotion. If the ratings aren’t good, don’t count on it lasting more than a couple of episodes before being put out of its misery. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make up for the time I’ve lost watching and writing about a show that was D.O.A. Please, NBC, put some CHUCK reruns on so I can get this awful aftertaste out of my mouth.

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  1. Disagree. Love Bites felt like and HBO production. Very funny!

  2. Wait till you see actor Vincent Martella from Everybody Hates Chris and the voice of Phineas on Disney s Phineas & Ferb!

    He is all grown up and very funny…

  3. I thought all the postponing was to let Becki have her baby then return in the virgin lead role. Instead of that the ptb have rejig the premise / the characters and now she’s the pregs best friend of the lead x-Veronica Mars actress. I’m confused. :insertconfusedsmiliehere:

  4. I actually really enjoyed watching this show! It wasn’t overly original but I got a few laughs out of it and really liked some of the characters. I’m looking forward to the next episode and see where they take things!

  5. I completely disagree. I think the show has potential, and frankly what TV shows are realistic anymore? The “point” of the second story was that in a relationship you should tell your partner things like “I got fired” because they are there to support you – the characters fiance was kind and understanding when he finally told her. If he had said something before he would have saved himself days of stress. Would I say the show is the best, no. But definitely far from the worst.

  6. Okay, I think your review was dead wrong. I laughed so hard last night. In which I haven’t at a show in a long time! I will be watching every week!

  7. I thought the three stories were entertaining, but then I knew they would not be very detailed in the story lines. Summer T V shows are what they are. It has potential but the comedy aspect of the show has to grow and grow quick.

  8. I laughed last night (out loud) at the show…it was refreshing. I am tired of reality TV let’s dive into this HBO esq TV show! ~Great fun!

  9. Bad pretty much sums it up. These were all pretty good actors in pretty bad parts. Ok in a nutshell I hated it for all the right reasons

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  11. Woah. DISAGREE. I thought it was super refreshing and sweet!

  12. I often found myself hitting the pause button while biting my hand due to the sheer anticipation of what might come next. I would then, in a moment of boldness, press the play to see what might come next, only to repeat the process again and again. I haven’t enjoyed a show this much since AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this show! I have not laughed so hard, at a TV show, in a long time! also, keep in mind that the write is not Ms. Chupak after all. The new writers are the same great pair who wrote Will & Grace and Ugly Betty. Great job!

  14. Garbage.

    Page 48
  15. I thought it was brilliant and funny. A good enough Summer TV show. However, there is definitely room for improvement.

  16. I wasn’t too excited by Love Bites’ first episode. But it’s growing on me fast. It has a lot of potential and so far it’s intriguing enough to keep me watching to see where it goes.

  17. I thought it was quite funny acutally. I laughed out loud througout the whole show. I think there are enough reality tv shows that it is nice to have a little non-reality humour nights. And yeah, it’s an hour long!!

  18. Disagree! Show was cool and not funny, funny, but giggly funny (by the way, hate the punch-line comedy series). This serie reminded me of Gilmore Girls and Cougar Town, too much gibberish talk, too much “not intentional” jokes, where you laugh where you want to, not where it’s meant to!
    Will miss Love Bites…


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