Cast: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole
Director: Brad Anderson
Writer: Josh Singer, Graham Roland
Network: Fox, Airs on Friday
Original Telecast: March 11, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again, no other show delivers the “WTF” moments like FRINGE does.

The opening scene where some dude literally floats on air for no apparent reason was just one of many moments in “Os.” This was definitely the type of episode of FRINGE that we haven’t seen in quite a while on the show – just brutal with ample amounts of gore and horror, plenty of gnarly blood spills, a mad scientist taking advantage of someone and those numerous WTF moments. Plus, there were some very good bits of humor throughout including a nice nod to floating in space.

By altering the physics of the element Osmium and mixing it with some weird substance called Cosmium (fictional, I think) found only in meteors, a mad scientist turned one of the heaviest elements on Earth into one of the lightest. He then turned to poor crippled people in wheelchairs in order to conduct his experiments on. The altered physics of the element allowed these people to float and as such allow them to walk with weighted boots. However, the scientist also had them do his dirty work in order to obtain more of the element.

The drawback is that enough doses of the mineral combination causes the user to bleed out from every orifice and die. Yeah, that sucks. The scientist was doing it in order to find a way to let his own crippled son to walk. A noble thing indeed but not at the health of so many people he let die.

Walter (John Noble) believes that the only way that two of the densest metals on Earth could be combined to make someone float wasn’t so much of just a mistake or accident, but more of negative result of the two universes combining – dangerously altering our reality.

It was a pretty good plotline and brutal indeed but it also served to prove what Walter has been saying for a while that things are indeed getting serious with the universes colliding.

Meanwhile, there are two subplots taking shape on the show that will no doubt play a role in the final episodes of the season. First, Walter’s (John Noble) mission to try to capture the essence of William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) in order to somehow resurrect him so that Bell can help them fight against the alternate universe. Second, the blossoming relationship between Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson).

Now both of these subplots ran together at the end of “Os” as Olivia was inhabited by what I guess is the ghost of Bell inside of Peter’s tribute and examination into the mysterious machine that supposedly will destroy one of the universes using Peter as the vessel. But I loved the crazy Walter we got in this episode as he tried his best to resurrect Bell with wild assumptions and even crazier ideas. Yet, for all this absurdness (which was downright hilarious at times), Walter was right as Bell came back to inhabit Olivia.

And while I do kind of like seeing Peter and Olivia together … I’m getting a bad feeling about it. Like it doesn’t seem right and they don’t seem to go together well. Maybe it is a matter of chemistry or maybe it is because we haven’t really seen much of them together yet. Hopefully, this will change and they will avoid the pitfalls that have befallen other great shows such as CHUCK, which is currently having a bit of an issue with its constant focus on the relationship rather than the spy stuff.

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