AMERICA’S GOT TALENT’s second time around in Seattle almost turned into a complete bust. Act after act disappointed not only the judges and the live audience but likely those watching at home as well. No one seemed worthy of a trip to Vegas, certainly not the “self proclaimed” world record holder of blowing up water bottles – his act was a complete bust. Buffo the priest didn’t hold up much better with his illusionist act, nor did “Kimo presents Madonna” – don’t ask.

Don’t these people have friends to tell them not to go on TV and make fools of themselves? Or is that the point? Do they want to be the best of the worst? Maybe. That’s the only real explanation for Robo the aluminum foiled comedic robot, Fon Marcus – the wild 70-year-old drummer or Alaska the freestyle dancer who didn’t so much dance as he did wav his hands around in the air to the sounds of Irene Cara’s What a Feeling. Host Nick Cannon got a kick out of his performance so much that he decided to join him on stage for an encore, only to Piers Morgan’s dismay.

Some do take it seriously. Marcos, whose performing is equivalent to that of a lounge singer, visibly took it hard when he got buzzed by all three judges before he could even finish his song. A relative of his was pissed, so much so that she approached Morgan and told him he’s got a heavy finger with that buzzer. True, but in this case it was well deserved.

Geechy Guy the sweaty one-liner comedian squeaked by with Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne but wasn’t making Morgan laugh, but then who does? Illumni Men’s Chorale sang their way to the next level while pole dancer Soleil, who practiced at a real fire station, is going to Vegas as well. Also going through are an acrobatic magician, a cover band and the cutest trio of boys doing hip hop ever.

One of the most surprising events of the night was Morgan actually saying yes to a pool-playing dog while Osbourne and Mandel said no. When has that ever happened? Not surprising was when a woman who sings about dead people sang a hymn about Morgan in a most flattering way, with video included. Morgan also was ready to send her through but Osbourne and Mandel weren’t buying into the obvious flattery. Maybe she should have done a song about the three of them to up her chances. Stay tuned.

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