The National Geographic Channel (NatGeo, for short), will be debuting two specials this Spring – ALIEN INVASION and AREA 51 DECLASSIFIED that deals with the oft covered subject of what if aliens were among us.

talks about how earth should prepare if there were an alien attack, while AREA 51 DECLASSIFIED deals with information finally being released from the government about this top secret facility rumored to be in the Nevada desert.

At today’s Winter TCA in Pasadena, CA, S.E.T.I. astronomer Seth Shostak says that history shows, if aliens are out there, chances are they’re not going to be friendly.

“If they came to town, they’re probably aggressive,” says Shostak. “It’s not a faulty assumption.”

Travis Taylor, astrophysicist and author of AN INTRODUCTION TO PLANETARY DEFENSE agrees with this assumption, especially with so many stars and planets out there which have the potential for life like us.

“What we do know, there are a lot of stars and a lot of planets and a lot of potential for there being aliens,” says Taylor. “It should be statistical for human nature that there are good guys and bad guys, but we hope the good guys are going to show up first. [This is about] ‘do we have a plan if the [bad guys] showed up and what would that be?’”

As for DECLASSIFIED, producer Peter Yost says he’s excited that so much information is now being revealed to him for this special regarding Area 51

“I can say, we do have some surprises,” says Yost. “Some of the stuff that went on there is quite remarkable. There is an entire genre of Area 51 films and most of them are somewhat speculative, even fantastical, but what sets this film entirely apart, is it’s completely factual – strange, but factual. The government has declassified to us countless documents, images and footage inside the base. We have interviews with people and with security guards. It’s solid, real and verifiable.”

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