On October 27, BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD returns to MTV and today at the network’s TCA session, creator Mike Judge revealed details about the dim-witted duo’s return.

The original 1990s series had the characters (voiced  by Judge) make outrageous comments on music videos, this new version will tackle many of MTV’s TV series like JERSEY SHORE and 16 & PREGNANT, as well as movie reviews, “internet stuff and some UFC fights,” notes Judge.

Music video wise, they will still make their comments on videos from such bands as Dead Mouse, MGMT and others.

The big question though, is why bring them back now?

“We had been talking about doing another movie over the years, so I had written ideas down for that and KING OF THE HILL was done, so I thought, ‘who am I to turn this down?’ I really liked doing it. I’ve also been through development on various animated shows and here I had a couple of pretty good characters. I thought I should do it while it still works for me. I’m also a better director than I was back then and I have better resources. It just felt right.”

And while times have changed, Judge says he won’t be forcing too many changes on what are largely anachronistic characters.

“I didn’t want to do big things like forcing all those modern stuff on them,” says Judge. “There are episodes though where they work tech support that came out pretty good and there was an episode where they see TWILIGHT and all these girls are into vampires so they try to become undead. So there are some things that are a little bit topical. I didn’t want to make it too forced. I still wanted to make it still feel seamless as it could.”

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Article: Mike Judge gives the scoop on MTV’s new BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD series

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