While speaking with FRINGE executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman this morning, they revealed a tiny bit about what the Season 3 finale plans will be.

“We have sort of approached each end of season to be the end of story for year and also open up the door and imply and be first taste of what next seasons story telling would be,” says Wyman. “We believe this season finale does that. Hopefully it will be wholly unexpected and recontexualize the story of Season 3 in a way and be mind-blowing.”

Wyman does confirm an important character will die, but notes the rumors of a “third world” are just that – rumors.

“Yes, somebody we all love deeply will die, but we’re not introducing a third world,” says Wyman. ” There’s our world and the world Peter was taken from when he was a boy and we have plenty of stories to tell in those two worlds. Maybe some point in the future there will be a third world.”

“The run up to the finale and impact both universes directly and we will go back and forth within universes,” says Pinkner.

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