Exclusive Interview: Jane Espenson scoop on HUSBANDS THE SERIES – Season 2

HUSBANDS, a new web series from Jane Espenson

When Jane Espenson and Brad “Cheeks” Bell wrote and produced their Internet comedy HUSBANDS THE SERIES, starring Cheeks and Sean Hemeon and Cheeks and Brady, two men who spontaneously legally marry each other and then try to make the relationship work, the creators thought they were just doing something creative and fun. The reaction was seismic. Awards and national coverage followed, including articles in the Advocate and a review in the New Yorker. Airing in eleven two-minute installments, HUSBANDS THE SERIES also acquired a huge fan following. Co-starring Alessandra Torresani as Cheeks’ best friend Hayley and directed and executive-produced by […]Read On »


Exclusive: Set visit to new comedic web series HUSBANDS – Part 1

Cheeks and Sean Hemeon in HUSBANDS

In a pleasant one-story house on a quiet street in North Hollywood, two handsome young men walk down a hallway, have a friendly argument, then get into bed together. Then they do it again, and again. This is because this is a scene from HUSBANDS, the first known Marriage Equality sitcom for the Web. Produced and written by Jane Espenson, who also financed, and Brad Bell, HUSBANDS is the story of what can happen when marriage equality has passed in the U.S. at the federal level. All over the country, same-sex couples now have the same rights as opposite-sex pairs. […]Read On »


Sneak Peak teaser clip of HUSBANDS, Jane Espenson’s new web series

HUSBANDS, a new web series from Jane Espenson

Jane Espenson is known for her work in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Most people with an interest in the works of Joss Whedon know that Espenson has been a writer/producer on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, FIREFLY and DOLLHOUSE. She also worked on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and CAPRICA, co-created WAREHOUSE 13, and this year wrote episodes of GAME OF THRONES and TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY. However, in HUSBANDS, Espenson’s first foray as an independent producer and Internet entrepreneur, there’s only one futuristic element. In the show, which consists of 11 two-minute episodes and premieres at www. husbandstheseries.com on September 13, the Marriage Equality […]Read On »

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