SHARK WEEK: 6000 LB. SHARK: Researcher Tom Hird on new shark documentary – Exclusive Interview

SHARK WEEK 2024 Key Art | ©2024 Discovery Channel

Extremely fit tough guy John Cena is the host of Discovery/Discovery+ Channel’s SHARK WEEK, running this year from Sunday, July 7 through Saturday, July 13. We didn’t get to ask him about the premise of the episode 6000 LB. SHARK, which at first glance seems like it might be about shark obesity. However, Tom “the Blowfish” Hird got on Zoom with Assignment X to talk about the episode. Hird, who describes himself as “the world’s only heavy-metal marine biologist,” is originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. A prolific diver, Hird’s writings include the book BLOWFISH’S OCEANOPEDIEA: 291 EXTRAORDINARY THINGS YOU […]Read On »

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