Fresh Clip: Watch THE X FACTOR Super Bowl commercial featuring Simon Cowell


The studios spent tons of money on their big movie commercials during the Super Bowl, and Fox also dropped some serious dough on a new commercial promoting his fall reality singing competition THE X FACTOR. Now that AMERICAN IDOL has stabilized without him, we now get a taste of what his next venture is going to be. Cool CGI effects too. Check out the trailer below. CLICK HERE for more reviews of this year’s SUPER BOWL movie commercials


TCA 2011: How different is THE X-FACTOR vs. AMERICAN IDOL? Fox explains


With Simon Cowell bringing THE X-FACTOR to America this Fall on Fox, the inevitable question about how different it will be from AMERICAN IDOL was bound to come up at today’s Winter TCA 2011 Fox session in Pasadena, CA. According to Fox Entertainment Chairman, he doesn’t feel the two shows will cannibalize each other and that he doesn’t feel that the proliferation of talent shows on other networks will diminish the impact of either. “We have the sort of the biggest and largest in AMERICAN IDOL and X-FACTOR has Simon Cowell and they’re going to run at different times of […]Read On »

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