THE CHRISTMAS TAPES Poster | ©2022 Terror Films

Rating: Not rated Stars: Dave Sheridan, Greg Sestero, Vernon Wells, Lori Richardson, Ian Rose, Ruby Setnick, Janice Burt, Todd Lubitsch Writers: Randy Nundlall Jr. & Robert Livings Directors: Randy Nundlall Jr. & Robert Livings Distributor: Terror Films Release Date: December 12, 2022 (digital) THE CHRISTMAS TAPES has something we just don’t see anymore. It’s set in 2022, but everybody in both the wraparound and individual segments uses full-sized VHS tapes. Indeed, would-be cinema professor/actual home invader Geoff (Greg Sestero) takes it for granted that the family he holds hostage will have a VHS player in their living room, and sure […]Read On »

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