Exclusive Interview: THE BORGIAS’ Joanne Whalley talks Season 3

A scene from THE BORGIAS Season 3 | (c) 2013 Showtime

Showtime’s THE BORGIAS, created by Neil Jordan, concerns the famous (or infamous) Italian clan whose patriarch Rodrigo, played in the series by Jeremy Irons, became Pope Alexander VI in the late 1400s and remained on the papal throne until his death in 1503. Rodrigo had mistresses and children (including homicidal Cesare and his adored sister Lucrezia), who he aimed to place in positions of power. The mother of these children was Vanozza Cattaneo, played in THE BORGIAS by Joanne Whalley. Whalley, a native of Manchester, England who was the female lead in WILLOW and more recently appeared in the films […]Read On »

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