CD Review: MONTE CARLO original soundtrack

MONTE CARLO soundtrack | ©2011 Varese Sarabande Records

For as impressively big as Michael Giacchino can get, it’s often his small, unsung scores that are just as impressive. MONTE CARLO tween chick-aimed romance fits the bill nicely indeed. As opposed to imagining three young women finding their Prince Charmings in a jet set fairy tale kingdom, Giacchino’s alternately delicate lyricism and jazzily prancing rhythms might make you thinking you’re hearing that long-awaited RATATOUILLE sequel wherein the rodent Remy falls in love. It’s a measure of how much Mancini-esque caviar also appears here, with a more-than-healthy seasoning of Burt Bacharach to boot. You’ll definitely know your way to San […]Read On »

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