Car Review: 2012 MAZDA3 4-DOOR

The 2012 MAZDA3 FOUR-DOOR | ©2012 Mazda

Car Manufacturer: Mazda Model: 2012 Mazda3 4-DOOR Suggested Retail Price: $24,970 ASSIGNMENT X tackles our latest car review as we test drove the 2012 MAZDA3 FOUR-DOOR. Keep in mind, we’re not car experts, but that’s the point of the review – we represent the average consumer so we won’t be talking tech, we’ll be talking about what we feel makes the car cool. “Zoom Zoom” has been a catch phrase of Mazda for some time and the 2012 MAZDA3 4-DOOR lives up to that name and then some. A nice, compact, smooth ride, the MAZDA3 is a sporty four-door without […]Read On »

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