STORAGE LOCKER movie poster | ©2023 Freestyle Digital Media

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Mike Gassaway, Bobbie Grace, Meredyth Fowler, Avery Mayo, David Treviño, Hannah Hufford, Skeeta Jenkins, Jeannie Carter-Cruz, Jennifer Gunderson, Fritz Reinig, Allen Danziger, Connie Green, Nora Hunter, Leanne Smithers, Brian K. Jammer, Sydney Reyna, Victor Hinojosa, Alec Willrodt Writer: Ray Spivey Director: Ray Spivey Distributor: Freestyle Digital Media Release Date: August 22, 2023 (digital) A storage locker is a thoroughly suitable setting for horror. The establishments are usually deserted, with confusing layouts, shady renters, and unknowable contents. STORAGE LOCKER is definitely a horror film. It is also partially set at a storage locker, though it doesn’t use […]Read On »

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