Exclusive Interview: MTV’s TEEN WOLF star Jill Wagner is on the hunt

Jill Wagner in TEEN WOLF - Season 1 - "Magic Bullet" | ©2011 MTV

On MTV’s TEEN WOLF, which has its season one finale tonight at 10 PM (a second season arrives next year), it may be a toss-up as to which character is the scariest. Sure, that soft-talking homicidal Alpha wolf is menacing in monster form, but Jill Wagner’s beautiful, fanatical, gun-wielding Hunter Kate Argent seems just as capable of destroying the life of good-hearted young werewolf hero Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). North Carolina native Wagner is known to TV genre fans for her roles on BLADE: THE SERIES and STARGATE: ATLANTIS, while reality competition show viewers also know her for her hosting […]Read On »

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