HUMAN RESOURCES movie poster | ©2023 Deskpop

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Hugh McCrae Jr., Anthony Candell, Sarah José, Tim Mizuradze, Michael Kammerer, Angel Hilton, Calvin Devereaux, Rachel Rial Writers: Braden Swope & Eric Swope, additional story by CT Kelly Director: Braden Swope Distributor: Deskpop Entertainment Release Date: January 10, 2023 (VOD) HUMAN RESOURCES is one of those can-do low-budget horror films that deserves congratulations for a) getting completed and b) getting a distributor. As a bonus, it also has a good premise, but it tends to bog down in logic gaps and repetitive riffs. At Brooke’s Hardware Store, we see employee Keith (Angel Hilton) fearfully searching what […]Read On »

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