WonderCon 2011: LEVERAGE guest star Mark Sheppard says you can’t get rid of Sterling

Mark Sheppard in LEVERAGE | ©TNT/Electric Entertainment

During the press event for DOCTOR WHO at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, frequent LEVERAGE guest-star Mark Sheppard (who played Timothy Hutton’s nemesis Jim Sterling on the show) commented on whether he would be in the upcoming fourth season of LEVERAGE. Of course, the actor was very coy about it. “You can’t get rid of Sterling,” Sheppard says. “He’ll be there.[Co-creator]  John [Rogers] made Sterling to be there [on LEVERAGE], just sometimes you need to take a break,” says Sheppard.   CLICK HERE for Mark Sheppard talking about Crowley and SUPERNATURAL CLICK HERE for Actor Mark Sheppard talking about his […]Read On »

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