Director Wes Craven talks about SCRE4M rewrites

SCREAM 4 teaser poster | ©2011 Dimension Films

While speaking to the press today, SCRE4M director Wes Craven dispelled rumors that he was displeased with the heavy rewrites supposedly done to the Kevin Williamson script by Ehren Kruger (who penned SCREAM 3). “I’m very pleased with the movie and how the script turned out,” says Craven. “It was a result of Kevin’s master script and Ehren did a decent amount of work on specific scenes. I wrote sections of the film myself, but it’s very much Kevin’s concept and over-arching framework of the film.” SCRE4M opens April 15, 2011 CLICK HERE to hear about COURTENEY COX talking about […]Read On »


Brand New Photos of Emma Roberts and Ghostface in SCREAM 4

SCREAM 4 poster | &copy 2011 Dimension Films

The release date for SCREAM 4 (aka SCRE4M) is only a couple of months away (April 15), and in the meantime, Dimension Films keeps fans happy with the occasional updated trailer and now two new stills which you can view below. Emma Roberts and Ghostface share the Stage in photo 1, while Courteney Cox and David Arquette are showcased in the other one. SCREAM 4 is directed by Wes Craven from a script by original SCREAM writer Kevin Williamson. CLICK HERE for more SCREAM 4 news and interviews CLICK HERE for an interview with SCREAM 4 star LUCY HALE CLICK […]Read On »

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