MOTION DETECTED movie poster | ©2023 Freestyle Digital Media

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Natasha Esca, Carlo Mendez, Roland Buck III, Katelyn MacMullen, Bob Clendenin, Kemberli Flores, Julie Brister Writers: Justin Gallaher & Sam Roseme Directors: Justin Gallaher & Sam Roseme Distributor: Freestyle Digital Media Release Date: May 19, 2023 (VOD and digital) MOTION DETECTED immediately sets itself apart from both conventional haunted house and berserk security system stories by combining the two subgenres. In the opening section, we see a little girl witness a 3D video glitch in a lovely old-fashioned house, as an AI voice alerts us, “Motion detected.” The video glitch reaches out of a closet and […]Read On »

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