Movie Review: A WOUNDED FAWN

A WOUNDED FAWN | ©2022 Shudder

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Josh Ruben, Sarah Lind, Malin Barr, Katie Kuang, Tanya Everett, Laksmi Hedermark, Marshall Taylor Thurman, Neal Mayer, Nikki James, Leandro Taub Writers: Travis Stevens & Nathan Faudree Director: Travis Stevens Distributor: Shudder Release Date: December 1, 2022 (Shudder) Deer lovers will be relieved to hear that the title of A WOUNDED FAWN comes from a line of poetry. There are no wounded animals of any kind in the film, though there are several extremely mutilated people. The film opens at the auction of a sculpture depicting “The Wrath of the Erinyes,” aka the Eumenides, aka the […]Read On »

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