After three seasons on Monday nights, CBS will be moving their hit series HAWAII 5-0 to Friday nights.

At today’s CBS Summer TCA press tour, CBS Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves offered his reasoning for the move.

“We didn’t have a lot of space for new 10 o’clock dramas,” says Moonves. “We saw HOSTAGES and fell in love with it.  We said ‘that’s going to be very powerful.’  In addition, HAWAII 5-0 skews a little bit older.  So we figured with BLUE BLOODS doing extremely well, Friday night has become more a total viewer show than a demo night, per se.  And so it became pretty self‑evident that that would be a good move and putting HOSTAGES there at Monday at 10:00 would be a good move, and we’ll see if that was good in a few months.”


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:Breaking News: Why HAWAII 5-0 is moving to Friday Nights


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  1. DISAGREE!!! Way to kill the show, CBS! I will NOT miss Grimm on Friday nights, period, so I will, sadly, miss Hawaii 5-0. CBS must really hate Alex O’Loughlin, because they always do this to his shows, which are always good. Either this hits some other night, or 5-0 sinks into the ocean. CBS keeps this up, they are losing me as a viewer! I know a LOT of other people that feel the same way. Hey, CBS, here’s a hint – drop that HORRIBLE Elementary, and stick your new show in that slot. 5-0 on Friday means 5-0 gone. BAD move.


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