Even though PRIME SUSPECT looked like one of NBC’s most promising fall dramas (and was given the prime Thursday 10:00 pm time slot), yet the series never clicked with viewers.

Reflecting on why the series didn’t work, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt spoke briefly about the series and his disappointment that it didn’t nab the ratings he expected.

“Creatively I loved that show and everyone who worked hard on it and Maria Bello was incredible,” says Greenblatt. “What did we learn? I learned that, it’s going to take awhile. There is no revelation or shocking epiphany about the fall, it reinforces how hard it is to break through. We’re struggling. You can’t spend 20 million on every ad campaign and the show has to do some heavy lifting. How do we find those shows to break through? It’s easier to do in cable. With PRIME SUSPECT, was the character too cable a character for broadcast? Maybe I should just blame the hat and move on.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)


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Article:NBC talks about the failure of PRIME SUSPECT

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  1. I am shocked that this show didn’t do as well as it should have. It was one of my favorites (for the record, the others are Good Wife, Modern Family, Homeland, Revenge and Dexter. It was also one of the most well acted – Maria Bello was amazing! If there is still a glimmer of hope of saving it for next year, I would recommend doing some focus groups to find out what people liked/didn’t like, tweak it, and give it another go. For whatever reason, I feel like people just didn’t know about it. A lot of folks I talked to say they’d never heard of it. But they’ve all heard of and got hooked on Revenge, so maybe advertise where they did? Just thoughts in case there is still any hope. Thank you for airing such a great show.

  2. This was an excellent show that should be given more of a chance. Put it on cable if you have to but the crap that the networks put out these days instead of such quality shows like Prime Suspect continues to pander to the lowest common denominator.

    • I agree except we don’t subscribe to cable so I’d have to wait till it came out on Netflicks. My husbad, who generally is not into cop shows, actually liked Prime suspect because not only was it a great ensemble cast, BUT the WRITING WAS EXCELLENT. When you are trying to like something like Terra Nova but are groaning continually about how awful the plot and dialog are, it is just a shame a great show with a strong female lead has to get shut down.

      Linda Berschmidt
  3. It has been a while since I have watched a police procedural show with such a feel of realism and grit. Prime Suspect blows away all those other “by the numbers” cop shows. Real characters with real flaws and challenges, not cardboard cutouts. I will miss this show very much, to bad it couldn’t have been picked up by a cable network, it was just too good for NBC.

    James Detro
  4. I loved this show. I wish NBC had had more patience. I don’t feel like the show was really given a chance.

  5. We loved watching Maria Bello and her cohorts. It is too bad the show has come to an end. Bello’s character was very endearing to us!

  6. This is the best tv drama to hit the air since Hillside Bles and NYPD Blue. NBC needs to rethink this cancellation, people are going to tire of the crap on tv now – Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives, etc, etc. It takes a company with vision to gamble but unfortunately NBC is looking for instant gratification. Me I’m switching to CBS or ABC, in hopes that they have more heart.

    Sandra C
  7. I love this show! Great actors and gripping story lines. I adore the interaction between the characters in the station, and least we forget the great, underrated Aidan Quinn! It is very disheartening to think that only the ‘reality’ junk is top rated…what does that say about the intelligence level of our society that we find the antics of the low class Kardashians more entertaining that a show like this that makes you actually use some brain cells!

  8. I’m shocked this slam dunk of a great show was canceled—not sure if it says more about an impatient network or the sheeple comprising the viewership in general.

    Probably one of the better cop shows since NYPD Blue yet along with Detroit 187 quality top-to-bottom with the writing, the actors and story lines its appalling such great shows are dumped without given time to grow and flourish.

    With shows like How I Met Your Mother and Last Man Standing et al cluttering up the air waves instead of solid entertainment with characters that we come to love network television is tough to remain loyal to these days.

  9. This was an amazing show! Intelligent, funny and gritty…….they should NOT cancel it!

  10. failure is more than likely not low viewer numbers but low sponsor numbers. not enough sponsors to pay for the show the networks will cancel it cuz they’re not gonna pay for it haha

  11. oh and i forgot to say, it was a pretty good show and it will be missed as will many others i have liked but were cancelled tho many watched them.

  12. I’m truly disappointed this show got canceled. Maybe not the greatest cop show ever made, but it’s definitely my favorite.

    Loved the characters and their interactions. Sad to see it go.

  13. It based on the UK version, but then the series stuck to the cop show formula of 1 case per show. the uk version took about 5 episodes to catch the first murdered, and it was this hook that made the show. Couldn’t miss any of the shows after getting hook into the story, like 24.

  14. I LOVED this show – it was fantastic – can’t believe it wasn’t given a fair chance!

  15. So disappointed and surprised that this show won’t be on any longer. It was mine and my husband’s favorite show over the fall… We didn’t miss an episode. Please bring it back for another season!!! We will watch it religiously!!

  16. I can’t believe that this was cancelled. This was a series with integrity, with real people, dealing with realistic issues in a sometimes messy way. Much more watchable than the other ‘reality series’ out there now…I can’t tolerate them at all and think they should be cancelled to make room for more shows like Prime Suspect. Great cast too – everyone.

  17. NBC please rethink the cancelling of the best show to come along in years. Prime Suspect was a breath of fresh air from the parade of mindless reality shows. It was the only TV I really looked forward to this past season.

  18. I honestly had no expectation of falling in absolute love with Prime Suspect, simply due to the commercials which didn’t do the actual show justice what-so-ever. It wasn’t at all like the commercials depicted, and was absolute gold tossed to the side by NBC, the king of series cancellations.

    Paul B

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