ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter, creator of the British series’ CATWEAZLE, THE GHOSTS OF MOTLEY HALL, DICK TURPIN, SMUGGLER, ADVENTURER and the iconic ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, died yesterday, Feb. 26, at his home in Hertfordshire, England. He was 82 years old. Cause of death was given as blood clot.

Anthony Horowitz, creator/writer of the FOYLE’S WAR television series and author of the best-selling Alex Ryder action thriller novels, last year told the British daily THE GUARDIAN that Carpenter had given him his start as a screenwriter in the third season of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD.

Horowitz said, “It was one of the biggest shows on television. It was as though an unknown writer was given six episodes of DOWNTON ABBEY, but Richard, who was known as Kip, just said, ‘Go for it!’ … I wrote five episodes … Richard Carpenter taught me how to get into a scene and how to get out of it. He was my starting point … I had the greatest time of my life working on the show.”

Born in Norfolk, England, Carpenter started in show business as an actor before turning to writing scripts. In addition to his original creations, he also did television adaptations of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THE BORROWERS, BLACK BEAUTY, STANLEY’S DRAGON and I WAS A RAT, among other credits. However, the three seasons of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD are arguably Carpenter’s best-known work

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box art

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box art

Although ROBIN went out of production in 1985 and had its last set of first-run episodes broadcast in 1986, many of the cast and crew remain close in 2012 and there is still an active fandom. Carpenter appreciated this high degree of camaraderie among both his ROBIN colleagues and their admirers.

In an interview that is part of the making-of documentary on the ROBIN OF SHERWOOD DVDs (and now Blu-rays), Carpenter said, “If I was in any way responsible for people having a friendship that has lasted, then I’m very proud of that. I’m sort of as proud of that as I am of the series, because that’s even more important than a series, actually. It really is.”

Carpenter is survived by his wife Annabel Lee, children Harriet and Tom, and two grandsons.


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Article: In Memoriam: ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter


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  1. The man and his vision touched so many of us in so many different ways and made us better for having known his works, if not him. I will treasure forever the friendships that have come my way through the Robin of Sherwood series and the wonderful memories they have brought me and my husband Jay. Nothing is forgotten.

    S. P. Hendrick
  2. Oh, so sorry to hear this! I have so many fond memories of talking with Kip at various RoS gatherings. He truly created a timeless classic when he brought his vision of Robin Hood to the screen. And truly, nothing is ever forgotten.

    CJ Barwin
  3. Thank you for this tribute to someone who has, indeed, been responsible for some incredibly important friendships in my life, and, resultingly, some of the paths my life has taken. Blessed Be, Kip.

  4. Rest in peace, Kip. You changed my life in so many ways, and I’ve met so many wonderful people through ROS. Your passion always shone through in your works, and you leave behind a legacy that will live on with us, because Nothing’s Forgotten, Nothing Is Ever Forgotten.

  5. This breaks my heart. I’m so sad. However, it is a beautiful tribute to the man, you’ve done here.
    Thanks. Rest in peace, Kip

  6. The series Robin of Sherwood introduced so many people to the Pagan revival, and especially to the god Herne. It was a classic. Thank you Richard Carpenter!

  7. We,at the Catweazle Fan Club loved the man and the tremendous legacy of brilliant writings that he has left to us. He will always be with us in spirit at all our events in the future.
    Rest in peace Kip.
    Carol and all at the club.

    carol barnes
  8. So sorry to hear that. I basically grew up with Robin of Sherwood. RIP!

  9. We were so sad to hear this news, having such wonderful memories of the times we met Kip and all the RoS fans. Thank you for this heartfelt tribute, Abbie.

  10. Kip meant so much to so many of us, not only because of his magical creativity which enriched our lives and did indeed bring so many of us together in lasting friendships, but because of the person he was, a truly kind man who cared about others. I will always be grateful and honored that Helen and I were his friends. His encouragement gave us, as Rache once wrote, the freedom to spread our wings. His humor and kindness warmed our lives. We will miss him, but know that his spirit will always be with those who were fortunate to know him. Amy said it rightly, Blessed Be, Kip.

    Laura Blunk
  11. We feel so blessed to have known such a great soul. The fire burned bright in him, and for awhile, it warmed us all…he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Annie, Harriet, Tom and his family at this time. Nothing is ever forgotten…

  12. Very sad news. I met Richard two years ago, this June, at a Catweazle Convention. He was a lovely man, and chatted away to myself, wife and daughter, then aged 4. He asked her what her favourite Catweazle scene was, and she chatted away to him as if she had known him ages. He was also a very thoughtful, compassionate man, and revealed to me, he had written to Richard O’Sullivan, sadly now in a Bernard Delfont care home for actors, to see how he was. A very talented, great British writer,with a fantastic CV and a lovely human being. How sad, that he will not see Catweazle being made into a film. Will be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences to his lovley wife, Annie.

  13. Terrible news, Blessed Be Richard.

  14. So sad to hear of Kip’s passing. With this visionary genius there would never have been a Robin Of Sherwood series. I thank Kip for providing years us fans with blissful tv entertainment. Although he may not be with us physically. He is with us spiritually and will always be immortalised. May Herne protect you Kip.

    Ian Chin
  15. So sorry to hear about this. Richard Carpenter was a terrific writer. Robin of Sherwood was and still is truly inspirational, and it was my favourite show during my childhood. RIP, nothing’s ever forgotten

  16. Very sad news. I loved Catweazle, the characterization was delightful. Robin of Sherwood was out of this world. I met Kip at several conventions, and we corresponded for a few years. He was a lovely, caring man, who apart from his immense talet was more than happy to engage with his many fans. Nothing was too much trouble for him. My thoughts go out to his family. Blessed be, Kip.

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  18. I am absolutely stunned and extremely saddened by this news. A bright flame in the historic realm of Robin Hood myth has been extinguished far too soon, and we are left a little lonelier for this untimely passing. Kip will forever be sorely missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing him. He was such a creative, generous, kind, and unabashedly friendly and cheerful individual, I found in him a most giving father-figure and an incredibly supportive mentor. He was always willing to give his time to help other creative people attain their goals, whether it be in writing, acting, directing, or producing. I shall never cease to honor his luminous spirit and I bless the Pilgrim Soul he so unselfishly shared with us all over the years. Blessed Be, Kip. Nothing is Forgotten. Nothing is Ever Forgotten.

    Sandy “Will Scarlet”

    Sandy Williams
  19. I was (and still am) a big fan of Robin of Sherwood, as well as other work done by Kip. I was lucky enough to meet him a number of times at Robin of Sherwood conventions. He was such a nice person who always had time for the fans. No question was ever so silly or trivial for him. He always did his best to attend all of the conventions. A really nice guy who we will be missed by a lot of people. Wouldn’t it be a great testimony to him if the film script for Robin of Sherwood, The film would turn up, be adapted for today, and made?! Nothings forgotten…

    jenny mason
  20. This is a sad time, but I am grateful for all the friends I made because of Robin of Sherwood.

  21. Spent many great evenings watching ROS and Kip’s other works. My Dad (Larry) always came over to watch the series.Really appreciated visiting the Carpenters when my family had recently lost a baby. Bets wishes to all the family at this sad time.

    Jeremy Millington
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  23. Sorry to see that my cousin Richard has passed away.If his family could get in contact with me that would be great.I am his unle Harolds daughterand have been trying to get in contact with him about our family history.You can contact me on jan carpenter bartosik on facebook

    Janice Carpenter
  24. Having had the honour of meeting Kip at conventions, this is what I’ll remember: I’ll remember the man who sat on the hard floor of a hotel function room chatting with fans while he patiently awaited his turn to shoot a toy bow & arrow in the “archery tournament”. I’ll remember the talented & generous man who took the time to contribute a piece of his writing to a RoS zine. I’ll remember the twinkle in his eyes. & I’ll remember, in Rache’s beautiful words, that time will catch us up as well some day. “Always in the lead, you’ve just gone ahead before us; we’ve lost you in the setting sun — but only for a while.”

    Gail Molnar
    • Richard was my cousin,was sad to hear of his passing away as was trying to get in contact with him

      Janice Carpenter
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