Anson Mount in HELL ON WHEELS - Season 2 - "Scabs" | ©2012 AMC/Chris Large

Anson Mount in HELL ON WHEELS - Season 2 - "Scabs" | ©2012 AMC/Chris Large

HELL ON WHEELS steams to the conclusion of its second season tonight in a two-hour finale beginning at 9 PM on AMC. The series concerns the post-Civil War construction of the first U.S. transcontinental railroad and the work camp called Hell on Wheels, where Confederate veteran Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount, has come seeking vengeance against the men who killed his wife.

Executive producer/show runner John Shiban (whose other credits include THE X-FILES, THE LONE GUNMEN, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, SUPERNATURAL, TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY and BREAKING BAD) is due to speak to a whole group of people about HELL ON WHEELS, but he takes a minute to talk to Assignment X first.

ASSIGNMENT X: HELL ON WHEELS was created by Joe Gayton and Tony Gayton. When did you come aboard as show runner?

JOHN SHIBAN: I came on right after the pilot was made to run Season 1.

AX: At the time when you were making Season 1, was there an active plan for Season 2, or did you and the other producers say to each other, “Now that we’ve gotten picked up, what do we do?”

SHIBAN: As you break a season of TV, it’s inevitable you talk about the future, because it’s about character, it’s about character arcs, it’s about where these people are going. But we found some surprises along the way in Season 1, so when we got the pickup, it was like [happy, triumphant laugh]. When we got the pickup, we were surprised where the characters had gone ourselves. That’s what made it exciting.

AX: Now, Season 1 was a lot about Bohannon’s search for revenge. Can you describe briefly what Season 2 is about?

SHIBAN: I think Season 2 is about Bohannon raising hell. It’s about him taking on the railroad as his next battle, as his next war. He becomes, over the course of this season, someone who is committed to it, and having killed an innocent man at the end of last year, I think he’s trying to put vengeance aside, he’s trying to put violence aside, but that’s going to be a struggle.

AX: What are you proudest of in Season 1?

SHIBAN: I’m proudest, honestly – I directed an episode, 109, called “Timshel,” and it was such a wonderful experience. I’m very proud of that.

AX: Has producing Season 2 of HELL ON WHEELS gotten any easier or harder than making Season 1?

SHIBAN: It always gets harder in Season 2, because you set the bar very high and then you have to exceed it, but we keep building. We built a second train this year, we have a bigger Hell on Wheels [the railroad camp], but it’s been great. The stuff looks fabulous. It’s been a great experience.

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Article: Exclusive Interview with HELL ON WHEELS producer John Shiban

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  1. My wife and I enjoyed watching this series every Sunday. However, after last night, we will no longer watch this show. Bad ending all the way around.

    jeff watson
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  3. How could you kill off Lily and infer that the grotesque Swede may have survived?

    ME Poulos
  4. I cannot possibly watch this show unless Lily Bell is back for a season 3. The chatrooms are full of irate viewers who are demanding that she be saved. I am trying to figure out if the writers/producers of HoW had any clue that so many viewers tuned for Lily.

  5. “Loved” this show……Until the killing of Lily Bell.
    Will not watch unless Lily is brought back….Bad ending!!!!!!

  6. Powerful ending. So much passion for a fictional character means that the team is doing something right. Poor Bohannon sure seems stuck in Hell, don’t he?

  7. I finally got my husband interested in the show but now that Lilly has been killed off and the Swede is hinted to be alive we will not continue to watch it. Lilly is just as important to the show than Bohannan & Durant. I think the writers have done a huge disservice to women everywhere by writing her off & not the swede. It’s a bit sexist if you ask me! Bring her back!

  8. I LOVE this show…I had no problem with the ending and I do not understand what other people find wrong with it. It was the perfect and most surprising season finale I have seen!

  9. I Loved this show right from the start–Best show on TV. I hate to think that Lily is dead but maybe she isn’t. Season 3 is going to be great–There are so many ways to make everything happen in Season 3. Thank you actors and crew for making such an awesome production.


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  12. After all of the seat and tears the Writers put into the season-ender, you get death threats??? Lily may well be alive (witness the pulse-in-throat) and Swede may well be dead, but no matter: Season 3 will be just as good as Season 2!

  13. I love love love this show!! But what made me love it even more is witnessing Lily & Cullen’s relationship develop throughout the episodes. I called it about Ep 3 in S 1 that they would have a little fling at least, but turned out to be more like love. If Lily is dead, it won’t be the same. I won’t watch if she isn’t revived somehow or turns out the whole death of her was fake, a dream, SOMETHING! I just loved the romance that was added. It brightened up all the darkness that was in the show. :-)
    Please writers BRING LILY BELL BACK! :-)
    Love, a huge fan.
    HoW- best show on tv! Renew, renew, renew!


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