When it comes to playing Big F’n Machine Things and slo-mo shots of beautiful heroes looking very concerned as the world appears to be ending in effects Armageddon, Steve Jablonsky remains the unstoppable equivalent to Optimus Prime, blasting out irresistibly catchy rhythms for the Michael Bay school of visual overload.

What makes Jablonsky’s work supreme for the multiplex is his ability to run a marathon of hyper-notes with a heroic, thematic hook, breathlessly going through every motivic permutation possible when the score isn’t allowed to stop- yet still making that exhaustion fun. On that end, BATTLESHIP’s music beds are perhaps even more gonzo-exhilarating than his TRANSFORMERS work, letting loose the rock guitar of Tom Morello for that Go Navy spirit in taking down a horde or armored aliens, whom he personifies as well as any Hasbro robot with musical sound design full of piercing clangs and echoes.

Driven full speed ahead by another catchy theme, Jablonsky merges the musically organic with the state of the electronic art like no one’s business, literally beating the listener into enjoyable submission. Thankfully, the rah-rah human element that’s the spirit of sea valor ends up winning the day here, even when pitted against impressively ludicrous opponents that a good cannon synth shot, or board grid call can’t fail to sink.

If you dig this kind of non-stop percussive adrenalin, then the over-70 minutes of rocking orchestral and sample testosterone offered on BATTLESHIP will tweak sci-fi action ravers with delight.


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Article: CD Review of BATTLESHIP soundtrack

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