While speaking to the press at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco today, we grilled V executive producer Scott Rosenbaum about whether or not there will be a third season of the cult ABC series. The answer was simple.

“We do not know about a third season at this point,” Rosenbaum admits.

However, if there is a V Season 3, Rosenbaum is excited by all the possibilities that the season 2 finale “Mother’s Day” left open.

“I am most excited about it more than I have ever been, because [V] has gotten to a place at the end of this season, the closest to what I wanted it to be,” reveals Rosenbaum. “Now we have a situation where you have a realistic human resistance that actually has a possible shot of defeating the Visitors. Whereas before it was a motley crew of four or five with a priest, an FBI agent. It was sort of like the rebels in Libya fighting – they are never going to win. The only way they have a chance is with an organized military complex behind them. I like that. That is very exciting to me. Now we can see them make a real dent in Anna’s plans.”

Rosenbaum also adds that the characters have been pushed to extremes, which will also make for some great drama too.

“I pushed the characters to a place emotionally where I am excited about it,” says Rosenbaum. “Erica is going to find out her son was murdered and what that’s going to do to her will be fascinating to watch. Other characters have died, the stakes are high, Anna knows she’s almost been betrayed, Anna’s real daughter is locked in a dungeon, Anna knows there is a real chance that other Vs may revolt as well and so her timeline is shrinking so she had to move faster and quicker for her plans to work. Now that we have seen the Visitors we can see a lot more of them. There is a whole bit of mythology about the second part of their plan that we could get into. That I don’t want to give all away because that will be fun to watch.”

Pacing is another major issue Rosenbaum says will be resolved in the proposed Season 3.

“The pacing of the shows will be very much like that last episode, they all will be peddle to the metal and tons of story and excitement,” says Rosenbaum. “That’s more the style that I prefer as a writer and I was actually pulled back to a style that I was uncomfortable with. My voice as a writer is much more like that last episode than the ones you saw before because I was asked to slow things down. I didn’t believe that was the way to go but I did the best I could. I can’t wait, I’m excited about [a potential Season 3].”

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  1. Pingback: Anonymous

  2. Bring it!!

  3. The guy does not know how to run a series and you can tell. A mishmash of characters you don’t care about and nothing intriging to watch.
    The whole Soul storyline was a big bust and having the series end with Anna winning?
    Come on.
    The odds are very very low this won’t be back. It lured old fans by bringing on Diana and they did nothing with her and now they want to bring on other old cast members? Why didn’t they just do a continuation, not a reboot???

    Mikey M
    • A continuation, or at least a remake, of the original would have been way better. The first mini-series was far more intelligent- holocaust-esque oppression, villifying and discrediting all biologists and scientists (seriously!), and iniltrating government powers by doubling them. The entire initial story of the V’s introducing themselves to humans was much more interesting in the original. Not to mention all the great details and sci-fi yumminess like: the voice reverberation, sometimes speaking to each other in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, sensitivity to light, eating live birds and rodents, lasers, serpentine shuttles, imperfect personnel and/or vegetarians (Willy- Robert Englund), agendas to rob of our water and resources, etc etc ETC. I could go on and on. Actually heres a few more- in the original, the big reveal of them being lizards was so much more OMG!!, they didn’t call each other Vs in reference to each other, Mike Donovan, the journalist, was not a total patsy and actually made an effort to get real footage exposing them to the public and Michael Ironside was there to kick some lizard tail! Such a disappointment. However, due to the finale being an improvement, if there is a third season, I will tune in. Wasn’t Kenneth Johnson, the original creator, going ahead with his own script for a V continuation (or maybe it was remake?) feature film?

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  5. I hope to god that if this series comes back the executive producer is given the boot or is made to be hands off. Season 2 sucked mainly because of this idiot. He thinks he can write. His episodes were some of the worst.

    • Killing off Ryan, Chad, and yes even Tyler was oh so stupid, especially with this intro to the MIB wanna-bee’s. I guess this guy has never heard of royal court intrigue and Erica as the 5th column leader is unbelievable on all levels. She has no military or leadership experience. As an FBI agent, she was a follower. Too bad some genius decided to get rid of those characters which there was a following for a new cast. Bad MOVE!

  6. Technically, we don’t know what happens to Chad. The only people that officially are dead are Ryan, Diana, and Tyler. It was probably to cut costs. Oh well, Show’s axed, now, anyway. Unless, ” Project Alice ” succeeds! =D!! I hope so ….

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  8. i do not understand you all crybabies lolololollololololollololololol


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