Stars: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Kai Owen, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose, Arlene Tur, Jonathan Spencer, Frederick Koehler, Jason Brooks, Tom Price, Marc Vann, William Thomas, Ciera Payton, G. Lane Hillman, Lena Kaur, Liz Jenkins, Ernie Hudson
Writer: Jane Espenson
Director:  Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Network: Starz, airs Friday nights
Original Telecast: August 19, 2011

The latest episode of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY should have been titled “Redemption”. This is where things finally move forward towards our inevitable conclusion, which is odd, because it really feels like a lot of what we spent time watching in the middle doesn’t  really matter any more.

“Immortal Sins” gives us some more of Captain Jack’s past (the time period he was living waiting to catch The Doctor back on Earth…which didn’t happen until the 10th Doctor) and gave us a bad guy that is the head of everything and the probable cause for “The Miracle”.

So let’s do a quick run-down of things that seemed incredibly important to the writers during the first couple of episodes that now seem to be negated and moved to the backseat, since we find out who the big bad is:

1. Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) the serial killer who becomes the spokesman for “The Miracle” – gone but not completely forgotten. He is mentioned in this episode briefly.

2. PhiCorp the “evil” pharmaceutical company that Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen (Eve Myles) took more than a few beating to infiltrate. With last week’s episode we know that they aren’t really behind the miracle…further proven by the revelations of this week.

3. Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer), Dr. Juarez (Arlene Tur), and Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins) the three American’s involved with the Torchwood team. One is dead at this point and the other two have taken a back burner to Gwen and Jack- which is kind of inevitable since the show has been about them all season. So did we just waste time with all of the relationship stuff with these characters up to now? Esther’s crazy sister, and Rex being a complete ass and then slowly becoming more human…what was it all for?

4. Jilly Kitzinger (Lauren Ambrose) the publicist that always seemed to be at the heart of Miracle Day, and had me wondering if she was some kind of other being that was part of the larger conspiracy. Guess not.

There were HUGE amounts of time in the earlier episodes all dedicated to those various plot threads (so much so that Jack felt like a guest star), which literally all fall away at the end of this latest episode and it makes me feel like saying, “Of course not. Communism was just a red herring.”

I really enjoyed the new episode this week. This was what I have been waiting for them to bring it back around and make the series about the characters that we care about and have spent years investing time in. Jack’s story from the past of course turns out to be incredibly pertinent to the current situation, and we got some more hot gay sex scenes out there for all of the fans (myself included) who want to see more of John Barrowman than is allowed on network TV (but is allowed on cable Hallelujah!).

So let’s rev-visit the “gaying” of Jack Harkness for a moment. Yes, this was yet another love affair with a man, but when Jack and Gwen are talking towards the end of the episode, Gwen asks him how many children he has had. So there was an admission and a bit of a balance to his sexuality or his omnisexuality.

The only thing that made me crazy in the flashbacks is that Jack is wearing his modern costume in 1927. WTF? Every other time that there has been a period scene with Jack in any other of the Torchwood series, he has been in appropriate period clothes, and not parading around in crisp new shirts from JC Penney. His clothes looked incredibly out of place and I don’t know if that was a costume design choice or a producer choice but it was a BAD choice. It really takes me out of period scenes when you have an element that looks so glaringly out of place when it doesn’t need to. Granted the second chapter of the flashback he had period clothes on for a minute, but I assume that was because they didn’t want blood on the hero costume.

I enjoyed the dialogue between Jack and Gwen both in the car and at the end of the episode, and it was nifty that PC Andy (Tom Price) got to burst in with a swat team and save Gwen’s family. My only question there was where is Gwen’s dad that they went to all the trouble to break him out of the camp?

Nana Visitor shows up for a cameo and reveals that one of Jack’s old flames is responsible for “The Miracle” and all of this can conceivably be traced back to the flashback sequences with crazy Italians taking bottles of Jack’s blood. Plus there was a group of three man who were planning to buy Jack to use for their own means, and when they shook on the deal they formed a triangle (the same symbol the big bad that caused this whole mess uses to ID themselves on phones and the like).

All in all a MUCH better episode of TORCHWOOD. More Jack and Gwen. More Jack’s past. More back in Wales with Gwen’s family. AND…a mention of The Doctor!


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Article: Review – TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY – “Immortal Sins”

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  1. “but I assume that was because they didn’t want blood on the hero costume”.

    Barrowman has said they always have several versions of the Coat available during filming , some of which can be messed up, or even destroyed.

  2. the new weird torchwood its so bad i will never watch program again — guess im sticking with Dr.Who

  3. A- from who

  4. For those of you who gave up, and I understand why, jump aboard again. Episode 7, Immortal Sins, is TORCHWOOD. I agree with this writer and I was so glad it turned around. I waited six hours for this and I’m with it until the end. I hope it gets picked up for another season with Starz but without all the ‘down’ time.


  5. Until we get to the end of the series you can’t know that the other threads don’t have meaning or an affect on what is going on. I happen to like the new characters and I think the writers have done a bang up job of keeping us interested and questioning what is going on.

    With Jack’s outfit, have you considered that’s a future Jack who went back to the 20’s, possibly for the reason stated in the episode?

  6. Future Jack makes no more sense in terms of continuity & timelines than him being on the slow path. I imagine the writers or whoever just didn’t think about it too much. We know from his book RTD is not much bothered about continuity. I think we just have to hand wave it , like many things in Torchwood

  7. On twitter Jane Espensen has admitted that they didn’t think about where Jack was in his timeline. The line about being a fixed point, which he shouldn’t know until after Last Of The Timelords, may have been put in by RTD and Jane said she then assumed Jack was post LOTL but pre CoE. Of course this puts him smack in the middle of his romance with Ianto, and with a non-functioning vortex manipulator, so still wouldn’t make sense. They seem to have accidently made Jack post Children Of Earth. Perhaps his time travelling function was restored while he was away.

    I’m sure the original intention was that he was in his first pass through 1927 after Satellite 5. But then he wouldn’t have the coat, wouldn’t be over 700 years old, and wouldn’t know that he was a fixed point.

    I loved the episode but the continuity errors were huge.

  8. Amazing! You think all is now answered and the entire 6 episodes prior to this have been a red herring or something. I want to bet you that you will be surprised. I doubt that Angelo is not the villain as you think. He definitely has something to do with it but not necessarily the top of the heap. As for Jack and his WWII clothes. That time line was obviously different from the one where he had landed on earth after the game station. I think it was pretty obvious he had been sent to derail the plot to disrupt the future. He hadn’t come by boat as Angelo thought. Otherwise he would have had the papers he needed and not had to forge them. Remember he works directly under the Monarchy of England, papers wouldn’t be a problem if he was coming from the correct time. When he described what was to happen he described it like it already had happened. Once he killed the alien it all ended and reverted back to the history we know. Torchwood of whatever time he came from may have had a device to send him back. After all they brought him and Tosh back from 1941 and no one said: “OMG they can’t do that. It is a lack of continuity?” The other thing I take exception to in this critique, is the lack of interest in the suspense of the mystery. Do you folks always read the last chapter of the book so you know how it turns out. We are not privy to all that is going on although there are clues. Maybe I have read far more mysteries than most of you but you all seem to think you should know everything before the end. Where is the surprise in that? Stories will be tied in and all will be revealed eventually. And you will say to yourself: “Ah ha! Of course I should have seen that.” Clues are given in each and every episode. There are reasons people and things are put there. And there are reasons why there were six episodes. Some of the information gives us insight into new characters and old and some is given so we can see what is going on and some is given so we can glean some information of what the end will reveal. Continuity is not a problem, your impatience and childlike needs are. This is an adult show and as such is meant to be a challenge to your intellect. If your not up to it go watch Dr. Who. They make that one for children to puzzle out. Nana Visitor did not say she knew who was responsible for the miracle. She said “I can take to the one man who knows how the miracle began.” That does not make Angelo the person who created the miracle. It is still a mystery.

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