Stars: Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Shelley Henning, Phoebe Tonkin, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Louis Hunter, Natasha Henstridge, Gale Harold, Ashley Crow
Writer: Dana Baratta, Based on the book by L.J. Smith
Director: Liz Friedlander   
Network: The CW, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast: October 14, 2010

Well, after last week’s adult conspiracy light episode, this week on THE SECRET CIRCLE not only tells us what the adults are after, but also sheds a bit more light on what happened in the past, and the fact that there are other witches in town that had yet to step forward (for good reason).

“Slither” pretty much deals with the demons brought up last time. At the end of the last episode we saw a demon snake slide its way into Melissa’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) ear, and this new episode picks up the morning after.

So I was sad that Melissa doesn’t go Dark Phoenix and start leveling everything and everyone in her path. The demon inside her is far more subversive and manipulative, and its sole focus is to get a case magically opened that has a lot of other demons inside in snake form.

I kept asking myself during the first part of the episode why Cassie (Brit Robertson) is so set on keeping the fact that she is a witch from her grandmother Jane (Ashley Crow)? Clearly the ability runs in the family so wouldn’t it stand to reason that grandma is a witch as well? Yes, I realize that question was answered in the later half of the episode, but at the start I thought it was incredibly short sighted of Cassie not to include her grandma.

Which, by the way, was one of the most satisfying things in the series so far, Grandma coming in to kick ass and chew bubble gum (and she was fresh out of bubble gum). I like the fact that her competency with magic and the utter lack of effort she had to use to make things happen really casts a new slant on just how inexperienced the teenagers are. The magic they do is clumsy in comparison, and it will be interesting as the show progresses to see how they sharpen and hone their skills.

So we finally find out that the big goal of Principle Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles Meade (Gale Harold) is to get their powers back. That doesn’t seem like such a big bad thing, unless they are planning to do evil once they get powered back up. I was pretty shocked at where the story with them ended up in this episode; I mean an adult drowning a teenager regardless of reason is pretty heavy.

Speaking of poor Nick (Louis Hunter), now that the circle is down by one member, does it mean they are no longer bound together? Will there be an attempt to bring him back to life using magic? There are all sorts of questions I have about his death since it was so sudden and brutal, and I’m curious to see the direction that the writers of the show will take it from here.


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: TV Review – THE SECRET CIRCLE – Season 1 – “Slither”

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