Stars: Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green, Claire Forlani, James Purefoy
Writer: Louise Fox, Story by Chris Chibnall & Louise Fox
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Network: Starz, airs Friday nights
Original Telecast: April 8th, 2010

Still one of the best series on TV, CAMELOT proved that once again with the new episode entitled “Guinevere.” CAMELOT involves tales of young King Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower), and his rise to become one the most powerful and important Kings England has even known. He is of course helped on this journey by Merlin (Joseph Fiennes), and set in direct opposition to them is Arthur’s half sister, the sorceress Morgan (Eva Green).

In the first couple of episodes we’ve seen Arthur find out his heritage, take the throne, dispatch his enemies, and pull the infamous sword from the stone. All of these accomplishments pale in comparison to his discovery of his one true love the Lady Guinevere (Tasmin Egerton). Arthur has had visions of her, and she also feels an instant need to be with him. The big catch is that Guinevere is engaged to one of Arthur’s champions, Leontes (Phillip Winchester).

Now with the second episode not only do we see Arthur crowned King of all of Britannia, but we also see a new interpretation of the pulling of the sword from the stone, and Guinevere (Tasmin Egerton) has already shown up. King Lot also gets killed off by the man who was a father to Arthur (Sean Pertwee) who dies in the process.
So, as the title of the new episode implies it is all about love and what Arthur can and can’t have, even though he is King. He and Guinevere hook up on the beach for a role in the sand, but she still is set and determined to marry Leontes.

Meanwhile Arthur and Merlin go to dinner at Morgan’s castle only to have Arthur leave in the middle of the night (once Morgan has gotten a sample of his blood) and Merlin becomes Morgan’s prisoner for a bit while she trims his toenails. Yes this might sound odd, but I have a feeling she is going to use those bits of the wizard to become him and infiltrate Arthur’s court. Her stolen blood gives her a look through Arthur’s eyes at the one thing he cares most about; Guinevere.

In the end Arthur ends up presiding over Guinevere’s wedding to Leontes, and I would gather it’s only a matter of time before Leontes gets killed off in battle or something; paving the way for the legendary romance to really take off and wait for the arrival of Lancelot to tear it apart.

Merlin and Morgan are still using more Earth-based magics, but I have a feeling that the farther we get into the series, the more involved the spell-casting will become. I’m really looking forward to Morgan flexing her powers, since I almost always have a thing for villains.
CAMELOT is a top-notch production from beginning to end, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next as they continue to re-tell familiar legends with a slight twist and nicely grounded reality base.

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  1. The writers decided to portray the women as victims. They could have shown them to be noble minded and independent peers of the men. Only Morgan and Viviane have a back bone. Of course Morgan will be punished for being a non christian.

  2. One of the best series on TV? You must be joking. There’s plot holes a mile wide, like Arthur being left alone and unguarded in bed so his creepy sister who hates his guts can come in and vamp on him. Arthur looks like he’s lost on the way to a drum circle. Joseph Fiennes would be grimacing every other scene for the crappiness of the script and his really one-dimensional Merlin rendition, except he was already weighted down by that overblown FlashForward tripe and has presumably resigned himself to collecting regular paychecks on stupid projects like this one. Wasn’t he good, once, a long time ago, in Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth and all that? Eva Green, who was awesome in Casino Royale, is just screechy and too heavy on the eyeliner in this. More talent wasted by bad material. And the bullshit creepy love story with Arthur and Guin, where this supposedly awesome king that is supposed to unite a kingdom is a pushy, underhanded, manipulative prick, playing his closest henchman over a piece of ass, then being all pushy and entitled about it after blessing the marriage in sight of everyone. Of course Leontes will die some tragic death to make room for Artie. Then he’ll wig out when the real Lancelot comes along and sweeps her away, and I’ll shrug, next. All the women in this are either weak tools that are only adjuncts to what the boys do, or schemers and their minions. Kay is maybe the only character I like even a little. I’m just amazed that for all the great literary adaptations of Arthurian legend, the best we have been given was that cheesy Excalibur shit from back in the 80s- which is not a great movie by any means, but it’s better than this will ever be.

  3. What channel/network can I see this series on?

    Rebecca Diebold

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