Although LIE TO ME, which stars Tim Roth, has been a solid performer by Fox, it’s fate is still on the bubble according to Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly.

“I like to believe there’s more upside to LIE TO ME,” he said while speaking at today’s Fox Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA. “It’s delivered a very loyal audience. When we stumbled with LONE STAR, it came in cold [into the Monday night timeslot].”

The big problem, according to Reilly, is the wealth of good material on the network and the lack of time slots moving into the fall.

“We have a lot of midseason shows,” he says. “We’ll have to get deeper into the spring and size everything up.”

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  1. Lie to Me is by far my favorite show on tv. I am praying that Fox gives it a fourth season and promotes it more effectively. Tim Roth is an absolute gem of an actor and this show has a very loyal fan base (witness Peoples Choice Awards).

  2. It’s really a shame how this is a case of the network failing the show rather than the show failing the network. Fox does such a piss poor job of promoting Lie to Me, yet nurtures crap shows like Human Target and the lower rated Fringe. Still hopeful for a 4th season and that it truly is just a matter of not having room on the schedule right now. Hopefully, some of these new mid-season shows will fail to make room for more Lie to Me! Too bad Fox didn’t leave LTM in its intended fall time slot of Wednesday nights at 8. Definitely would be faring better than on the uber competitive Monday night slot it’s in currently.

  3. FOX is, unfortunately, known for doing this sort of thing to decent shows. They’d rather air a slew of crappy “reality” TV shows then anything with some substance.
    I sincerely hope that doesn’t become the case here, as I just recently got into Lie To Me and I’d hate to see it go so soon.

  4. I can’t believe FOX would even consider not showing Lie to Me in the Fall. This show is so entertaining and realistic. The relationships are great and very strong. The writers just need to write about the characters and good story lines and not so much about Tim Roth being a bad ass. Make him more believable with some integrity! Come on FOX support us as we support you.

  5. Lie to Me actually has science and intelligence behind it, real life theory and practice. Yet, Fox wants to insist the majority of the public is bone stupid (witness Fox News) and the commercial that repeated throughout my viewing of Lie to Me about a burger joint cartoon (which is retarded by the way). If there is a “wealth of good material” I hope it isn’t garbage and shows that make us think. Wishful thinking, I know.

  6. Is anybody listening, a wealth of good material,children supernatural junk, routine police drama and what ever crap.
    whose bright idea was it to cancel lie to me the best television show by far for actors director and the writers with their super intelligent interaction between the cast is just a masterpiece. Like I said is anyone listening?

  7. It will be a shame if Lie To Me doesn’t come back. We are so sick of the stupid reality shows and just plain crap shows in general. It’s bad enough paying for TV but even worse to pay and still not be able to find anything good to watch. We look forward to LTM and my husband just asked me to Google it and find out when it’s gonna be back. Needless to say, we are both quite upset with my findings! PLEASE bring it back!


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