Brian J. Smith in STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season 2 - "Epilogue" | ©2011 Syfy

Brian J. Smith in STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season 2 - "Epilogue" | ©2011 Syfy

STARGATE UNIVERSE concludes its two-season run tonight at 9 PM on the Syfy Channel. With U.S. military and Earth civilians co-existing uneasily on an alien vessel called Destiny, trying to find their way back to our solar system, SGU was markedly darker than its predecessors, STARGATE: SG-1 and STARGATE: ATLANTIS.

Series regular Brian J. Smith, who plays series regular Lt. Matthew Scott, will be seen this summer on the Syfy telefilm/pilot/videogame adaptation RED FACTION: ORIGINS (stay tuned for that interview). Here, the Texas-born actor talks with ASSIGNMENT X about his time aboard the Destiny.

ASSIGNMENT X: At what point did everyone at STARGATE UNIVERSE know the series wasn’t coming back for a third season?

BRIAN J. SMITH: We came back for a second season, they started airing the second season episodes, and those first ratings came in, and it was like [disappointed sound], “Oh.” And then they went down. The idea was maybe it stopped building a new audience, and then the night [it aired] changed. Just everything happened all at once and we just couldn’t recover. It’s a serialized show and if people don’t stick with it, you’re screwed, royally.

AX: SGU also seemed markedly darker than the rest of the STARGATE franchise.

SMITH: It’s not exactly something you sit around with the family with and kind of chuckle. It’s a lot darker, and I think a lot of the STARGATE: ATLANTIS and SG-1 was very family-based and this just wasn’t.

AX: Well, the regular characters on the other STARGATE series weren’t trying to kill each other quite so frequently.

SMITH: Yeah. There was a lot more getting along [on SG-1 and SGA], not as much discord, not as much inner conflict. I’m an actor, and the conflict and the discord – I love it. That’s what I’m all about, and I can understand why, if a franchise has been a little more cheery and a little more everybody getting along, even though there has been – I mean, didn’t Jack O’Neil [Richard Dean Anderson] destroy an entire planet? There’s been a bit of genocide, which to me has kind of been presented with a little bit of a smile and a joke afterwards, which I find a little bizarre. On UNIVERSE, there were always consequences, and they’re not in an easy situation, there’s no easy way out, there’s no real way to really help these people. It’s a really bleak outlook and the kind of people who like it are the kind of people who enjoy the dark side a little bit. I do – the kind of theatre that I like, the kind of music that I like, the kind of film I like, is pretty dark. It’s just a taste thing.

Brian J. Smith in STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season 2 - "Common Descent" | ©2011 Syfy/Carole Segal

Brian J. Smith in STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season 2 - "Common Descent" | ©2011 Syfy/Carole Segal

AX: How would you describe Lt. Scott’s position as a character on the series?

SMITH: Well, his function was really, really important in the beginning, because he was the highest-ranking officer, he had to keep everybody together and deal with Rush [the secretive scientist played by Robert Carlyle], he was the first person who realized that Rush might be a problem. His role is really, really clear there. And then once you have Col. Young [Louis Ferreira], who’s calling the shots, and then you’ve got Telford [Lou Diamond Phillips] in the mix, too, Scott’s role on the ship became sort of a facilitator. He’s the guy who goes out and he’s on the planet, he’s on the away team and he explores. So as far as him making decisions, he’s not really doing much in that department.

And it’s hard – I mean, look, it’s a big cast, there are a lot of really interesting characters, and I can’t imagine how difficult it must be as a writer to juggle all these stories and find ways to make the different characters shine and come out. I think that that was something we were getting a lot better at as we went along and I think something I was pretty hopeful that we might have been able to do if the show had continued to go on. I remember Joe Mallozzi came up to me and asked where I’d like to see the character go. And I was very interested in seeing Joe Mallozzi, one of the writers/producers, ask me that question. “Awesome. Let’s talk about that, let’s play with that a little bit.”

AX: What did you tell him?

SMITH: [laughs] Something along the lines of, I wanted to see Scott in situations that were more about empowerment. Because so much of what happened with Scott was terrible, terrible, terrible things happening and then not much real empowerment. I would say the exception to that was second season [episode] “Trial and Error,” where he basically slaps Col. Young around and says, “Get your shit together, be a commander, be a leader, we need you.” That was the best moment for me for Scott in the series, because he really contributed and really made a difference. It’s a good episode.

AX: There’s a rumor flying around that there may be a two-hour STARGATE UNIVERSE wrap-up movie. Do you know anything about that?

SMITH: I know that’s something they really want to have happen and it’s complicated, everyone’s kind of starting to move on a little bit, it’s, “How do you get everybody back in the same room, back in the same city?” Production-wise, it’s very, very challenging, but I’ve been talking to the producers and [executive producer/series co-creator] Brad Wright is really, really, really working hard on it. And not just on SGU, but he’s also trying to get a finish to the ATLANTIS storyline, and they also want to get the SG-1 movie made, too. It’s a lot, and I don’t know if they’ll be able to do it, but [if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be] for want of trying.

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  1. good show, if you remember the stargate film had a dark quality.  Robert Carlyle is great and really enjoyed both Smiths, especially the one playing Lt. Greer.  just because a show is PG13 doesn’t mean it can’t appeal to an adult. hope to see you all in other shows.  

  2. I am very disappointed that the show has been canceled! Its not fair to get someone hooked on a show only to end it so quickly. There is such a good storyline that could go much further. Especially after the decendents storyline. I really do hope there will be a movie to come out to wrap up both the Atlantis storyline and Universe. I will watch for it.

  3. I think MGM and other top people are relying to much on old school ratings that don’t represent a true cross section of the population. I think they have made another of a long list of blunders. First of witch was putting a non science fiction show like WWE smackdown witch just served to push away the fan base. I just hope that they will finaly pull there heads out of there back sides and return the SyFy channal back to what it was intended to be. A home for Science fiction shows. And if that does not happen maybe Showtime will pick back up the Stargate franchise because that is where it started and it would serve MGM right to lose it.

  4. I am really saddened by the end of Stargate Universe. It was a really good show. The rating might not have been the best of all but the show had its followers and it is a shame that it got cancelled just like that. There are so many other mediocre shows on TV that keeps on going and going that the end of Stargate Universe seems unfair to me. I surely hope that the producers will come up with a wrap-up story and that we will get to see them all once again.

  5. I an very up set about this
    PLZ make a #3

    Thank you

  6. I am very disappointed at the way they ended the show. They left something very important unanswered At least with Atlantis there was a little closure after the two hour movie event on tv. And we knew that was happening. So much is left undecided here.

  7. I Think the best thing to do at this point is a movie wrap-up. Firefly accomplished it and I was so happy to see how things ended. This was just too fast….and what was with the last scene. I would have liked to see our boy wonder frozen in a working status pod, not looking at the FTL waves.

  8. What was up with that ending?? Watching two seasons for that ending!!! Really!!! My husband and I never miss an episode, and this is the ending they are giving us.

  9. I hope that there’s a SGU movie to finish up the story. I’ve watched all of SG1, Atlantis and SGU, as well as BSG, Dr. Who, Sanctuary and pretty much anything else that is Science Fiction with a good plot. Oh yeah, Firefly too. I thought that SGU was great from Day 1, the casting was fantastic and the stories were real and really drew you in. After watching the finale I hope that its decided to finish the story. As as long as that’s in the air, finish off the Atlantis story as well.

  10. Not bringing the show back really blows.

    Thank you.

  11. I get why they ended it the way they did and am ok with it. I also understand that some people got mad about the way SG-1 and Atlantis ended…I was and am one of them. But boycotting SGU helped to end it that much faster. I do still hope that someone picks up the show. I really really enjoyed SGU. The character development was very good and I really wanted to see where it was all going. I was hooked and while i didnt watch it live, I DVR’d it or taped it or watched online so not to miss a single episode of any of the 3.

    Someone tell me why that little weasel Marcel is on SyFy? I officially have no reason to watch that channel now. They cancelled all the shows I liked. I’m still holding out hope. Someone should pick it up for television and the movie only as a last resort.

    • Join the Facebook group and maybe just maybe if they see enough of a fan base they will understand what we are saying.

  12. I am also really disappointed that this show was cancelled. Who in the hell is neilson anyway. That antiquated way of doing ratings in this age of tivo,online watching, and on demand … there is no way to really know what the true fan base is. Why is it that whenever there is an adult show with story lines that arent based on politically correct nonsense, where truely hard real life choices had to be faced always gets cancelled. Once again a show that isnt filled with nudety and foul language and frivilous garbage always gets cancelled. We are left with shows that you can follow the story line while reading a book because the story is so weak. Bring back this show along with the others that you cancelled that are for the thinking public.

    sue evans
  13. Of course I’m saddened. The way the whole franchise seems to be dying is terrible. We’re waiting & wanting (of course) the promised SGA movie, the SG-1 movie, and to cut off the only link to anything Stargate is crazy and maybe even insulting to most of the science fiction lovers & fans…

    SyFy, a channel dedicated produces way to many 3rd rate movies (below ‘B’), some with better actors, yet most are still bombs! Why they throw money at garbage and not quality shows they have or better stated “had” is amazing. How they stay in business at all should be studied in colleges and business schools as they do just the opposite of any constructive business plan.

    The bottom line for me is that I only can wish these shows would not have ended. Liking science fiction is a heart breaker. It seems they are ‘usually’ the first to get cut all the time.

    When the day comes that networks don’t rely on false Neilson ratings & somehow learn what people are really watching, till that day, the state of our prime source of entertainment will keep getting cut off.

    I hate being negative, but it’s a situation that will change no time soon. And if there was another way I’d jump on it and abandon the studios that ALWAYS cut everyone off…

    I want SGU back, I also would really like SGA back also, but some of the wayward turns the show took were so obviously out of character, yet I still loved it.

    But being at the beggars end of the stick, I’d be satisfied with SGU back, the SGA promised movie, and of course, SG-1 next movie.

    Putting things in context that is asking for very little. If they’d stop throwing money away on some of those garbage movies (& there are seriously MANY), my request would be minimal, cost effective & easy to fulfill.

  14. Sci Fi, you made a huge mistake… You destroyed something beautiful before it had a chance to shine…

  15. I’m very sad for the show cancelation, I want more Stargate… what I’m going to do now?, SyFy sorry, I don’t like you.

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  17. I’m a great fun of the SGU here in Poland, evan behind the “grat water” the SGU series is really great, i felt really bad when i heard that THIS WAS THE LAST EPISODE. . Just when all things’ve started to happend THAY just cancell it. Really shame. I think that the audience was really specific, and it is a really a big group of people all arround the world. Hope that THEY will start the third season in the nearest future.

    Greating from Poland.

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  19. Another thoughtful and extremely well written, well acted scifi world, falls to the thoughtless dullards of the profit driven corporate world … sad

  20. I agree that neilson sucks, not acurate. I dvr every episode they should track viewers through dish/cable box records. The ending left us hanging NOT COOL !

  21. This is madness, isn’t it obvious that a majority of sci-fi fans would naturally be hard core computer users? all my friends watched SGU and all of us watch it on-line. How is some antique nielsen rating box (attached to the televisions of people who’s viewing habits bring back cr*p like american idol) going to represent a true demographic for the syfy channel who’s viewers are suprisingly, sci-fi fans. The fact is this : sci-fi is a passion for most that watch it and most watch it on their computers. How ironic that a channel called ‘sci-fi’ are woefully inadequate in their understanding of what was once sci-fi it’s self : the INTERNET.

    They should be forced to change their name by law, they are an insult to all sci-fi, wrestling? childs wrestling? A cooking program? an actual, cooking program? I didn’t know it was still april.

    • You got it, exactly. I wish I could have said it as you to begin with.

    • You got it exactly right.

  22. TO ALL STARGATE SGU (as well as SG-1 & SGA) Fans: If you want to save the Show and / or ANY CHANCE of Movies/ Mini-series wrap-ups for ANY OR ALL STARGATE SERIES, check out this link for a GREAT WAY to save our blessed Stargate Universe / Shows future!!!

  23. I can’t believe that for the first time in over a decade there will not be a SG show on the air. They all had a really good following. I think the ratings system needs to be revamped. It doesn’t take into account internet viewers. I truly hope that there will be a Wrap up movie, and if they are able to work in how Atlantis is able to travel through space with the “Gate Drive” that was in the final episode, that would be awesome.

  24. Our whole family is very disappointed about hearing that there’s not going to be a third season or even a movie at least to end the story. This is by far the best show we’ve seen besides Lost. Maybe they could have tried to put it on another network. We caught this whole series through netflix like most people anymore do, they watch on a site from their computer’s. And unfortunately we’ve been getting a lot of people hooked on this show now for all of us to find out it’s over without an ending. I feel they owe the fans some kind of closure to this adventure they took us on. If they’re willing to think of another movie for the other Stargate’s then maybe in a few months they can work out their timing better to finish this up. If everyone stays on them about it at least.

  25. Great story unfortunatly Ended to soon i guess syfy thought the USA was the only country in the world watching it, wrong! so there ratings are millions short i would not even mind if all fans had to prepay to buy à new season
    Maybe a Good new marketing idea to save more Good shows cancelled by god knows what

  26. The show was great, it had an ongoing storyline, not like the series before they had to much filler for my taste, sorry. The actors had something to do(showing emotions, mimic, gesture), they hade to act and did it well.
    Not every species in the universe was talking english becides the lucian alliance, I hate logic lecks. I know it´s problematic to put everything in a 42 minutes long episode. I will to know how it´s going on, make something against. Make comics like whedon buffy and angel, make movies or one online tv brodcast where you have to pay and endure national commercials from the country you ´re watching (hulu but trully working internationally, entrance only with 18 or 21, personall id card check or semthing like that), make direct download movies, probablly you can earn more than with dvd´s cause direct sale and you haven´t the producion coasts and so on like with normal dvd´s.
    If it is absolutlley the the series will never ever come back in what form ever then publish the scripst from the 3rd, 4th and 5th season.

    Martin B.

  27. This is a sign of the times. More and more tech savvy scifi fans are watching their favourite shows online, rather than on the boobtube, hence the sagging ratings. If Syfy had aired the shows online, with adverts to fund it like youtube does with it’s videos, the “ratings” would have been much higher, and in my own opinion, far more accurate, thereby allowing the show to be continued. But network execs aren’t exactly known for visionary thinking. The days of Television entertainment are numbered, and we will see more and more shows cancelled because of antiquated ratings systems before we start to see shows get the airtime they deserve. BBC in the uk airs Doctor who online via iplayer, which no doubt has helped viewership numbers significantly. Things will improve for shows like these eventually, but it will get worse first, so strap in for the long haul.

  28. Very good content, I subscribe to

  29. I still hope some day there will be a wrap up movie to end it. There should be enough viewers!! just slay buffy and that kind of old series…

  30. this is bull s**t i love this show i got every season of stargate sg1,atlantis an sgu i want the show back is sad that they took it from us f***ing ***holes

  31. I think that Sy-Fy just screwed up big time by canceling the show. I mainly think so because the show offered the fans a new way of seeing the Stargate Universe and giving us a real chance to realize that not everything that happens in the Stargate Franchise end all good and dandy, if you know what I’m saying. Although the changes in Universe that made it so different from the original series and SG:A may not have been so great that we just jump on the wagon and just stroll along with the show, I think that the changes, though not all of them were great, were changes that made the story interesting. Not all of the plots that they had were great, like the godlike signal plot wasn’t the best thing that happened for the show, it was interesting to know that there was this signal that the Ancients had been looking for since before they ascended. I hope that Showtime decides to be awesome and offers to take back the franchise and start development of the show once more! Also, as known by many, a lot of shows are watched from the internet and people who don’t really have the ability to watch the show differently (like people from Iceland who can’t get Sy-Fy there) have no choice than to watch the show on the interweb. If the viewer count would also count all of the viewers that watch on the internet, you would probably have a much higher fanbase than you’d expect to see.

  32. I have been watching the stargate sagas for a long time. Since Kurt Russell played Jack O’neil.
    The Show was a hit.It was the longest running series on television. I also enjoy the Atlantis saga as well it just went hand to hand and kept it going Universe was an add-on and was a little slow in the beginning but it was just getting enteresting, The movie in between was great. So I think someone needs to come up with away to keep them going we all know the actors move on but we fans know that actors get replaced all the time they can find replacements.
    If the powers to be are going to totally end what we have watched and enjoyed for years there needs to be closure in the atlantis and unviverse series.Sg-1 had its MOVIES. So in respect to the millions of fans please find away. THANKS

  33. I love SGU. I started watching SG-1 when I was about 13 or 14. Then I watched SGA and then SGU came along and I thought, “Wow, this is different.” But the pilot got me hooked and I fell in love with the characters. A lot of the storylines in SGU are character based and the characters are really interesting and the decisions they make are very human. I really, really hope SGU can continue in some medium–be it books, movie, comics, season 3…

  34. My favorite show was star gate universe .
    Now you want us to watch wrestling
    Or maybe ghost hunters international ?
    I want a real show . good bye scifi
    channel , i’ve had enough


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