Now that Fox has greenlit a fourth season of FRINGE, it was time to find out what exactly that means for the venerable Fox science-fiction series and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman revealed this morning some more tidbits.

“We are always percolating ideas for next season, but haven’t formally sat down to talk about them,” says Pinkner. “We’re finishing this season.”

As for what will happen with our world and “Over There,” Wyman confirms that storytelling for “Over There” will not be over next year.

“It’s not going to end, our plan is to go forward,” says Wyman. “That’s part of the language of the series now. Our goal was to try to make two shows about one show and have a very compelling mythology on the other side and hope our viewers and fans would be engaged with those people on the other side.  It’s a huge success for us in that regard. People have really invested in stories ‘Over There’ and we can promise it will be even more compelling to develop those characters even more.”

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  2. But-but-but, although I loved the way the season finale went, even to the poetic blipping out of the Peter character, so reminiscent of our Jesus myth, I also love Joshua Jackson in this series. I was starting to feel he was coming into his own in season 3. Does Joshua/Peter have a place in season 4?

  3. Well .. I guess almost every one liked the 3rd season finale … it was a really shock moment … I can’t really wait to see Peter’s role after that


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