TV Review: DANCING WITH THE STARS – Season 19 – Week 4 – Most Memorable Night – Betsey Johnson voted off DWTS

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson in DANCING WITH THE STARS - Season 19 | ©2014 ABC/Craig Sjodin

Stars: Jonathan Bennett, Tommy Chong, Betsey Johnson,  Bethany Mota, Janel Parrish, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sadie Robertson, Antonio Sabato Jr., Lea Thompson, Michael Waltrip Network: ABC, airs Mondays Original Telecast: Oct. 6th, 2014 He’s back…Carlton from THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR finally made an appearance on DANCING WITH THE STARS. And, to the delight of  Alfonso Ribeiro and his partner Witney Carson, the reemergence earned them a perfect score, the only one of the night. In a week where the celebs discussed their most memorable year, Lea Thompson had everyone choking back tears. Her Contemporary tribute to her dad, whom she …Read On »


TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 8 – “Kill the Moon”

Hermione Norris as Lundvik in DOCTOR WHO - Series 8 - "Kill the Moon" | ©2014 BBC/BBC Worldwide/Adrian Rogers

Stars: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman Writer: Peter Harness Director: Paul Wilmshurst Original Telecast: October 4, 2014 Network: BBC America The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) find themselves with student Courtney Woods (Ellis George) on a trip to the moon in this week’s new DOCTOR WHO episode “Kill the Moon.” Once there they are of course drawn into a conundrum with spider-like creatures that effectively kill anything they see and an enormous mystery involving the moon itself, and why it suddenly has gravity and is wreaking havoc on Earth as a result. The Doctor is extremely gruff and detached …Read On »


TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 8 – “The Caretaker”

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO - Series 8 - "The Caretaker" | ©2014 BBC/BBC Worldwide/Adrian Rogers

Stars: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman Writer: Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat Director: Paul Murphy  Original Telecast: September 27, 2014 Network: BBC America For having The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) working to capture an alien inside of a school full of children, there is a surprising lack of any kind of casualties on DOCTOR WHO this week.  “The Caretaker” proves that The Doctor can go undercover (sort of) and manage to make it out with all of the kids and teachers intact; unlike last time in Series 2 “School Reunion” where an undisclosed amount of staff and students …Read On »


TV Review: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – Season 40 – Host Sarah Silverman with musical guest Maroon 5

Sarah Silverman hosts on October 4, 2014 on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - Season 40 | ©2014 NBC/Dana Edelson

Stars: Vanessa Bayer, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Michael Che, Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney, Bobby Moynihan, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Sasheer Zamata Host: Sarah Silverman / Musical Guest: Maroon 5 Original Telecast: October 4, 2014 Network: NBC, airs Saturday Night Nobody is rooting more for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE than I am. As overly critical as I can be over the show and its occasional lack of focus and a good portion of the new cast still not ready for primetime and far from being ready for late night I still have faith. It’s …Read On »


Movie Review: INNER DEMONS

INNER DEMONS movie poster | ©2014 IFC Midnight

Rating: R Stars: Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Kate Whitney, Brian Flaherty, Colleen McGrann, Christopher Parker, Ashley Sutton, Susan Ateh, Richard Wilkinson Writer: Glenn Gers Director: Seth Grossman Distributor: IFC Midnight Release Date: October 3, 2014 While INNER DEMONS isn’t particularly innovative, it is at least a lot more coherent and thought-out than many in the found-footage horror genre. The acting is good, the progression works, and while the premise has been done before – is the main character addicted, psychotic or actually possessed? – it is handled here with verisimilitude. The premise is that a reality TV show called “Step …Read On »



SOUTH PARK - THE COMPLETE SEVENTEENTH SEASON Blu-ray | ©2014 Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment/Comedy Central

Voices: Trey Parker, Matt Stone Writer-Director: Trey Parker Distributor: Paramount Home Entertainment Suggested Retail Price: $39.98 As SOUTH PARK kicks off its 18th season, it’s time to re-evaluate last year’s 10-episode run which resulted in the epic “Black Friday” trilogy. Last year was the first time SOUTH PARK didn’t have two seven-episode runs (one in the Spring, one in the Fall). Instead, everything was stockpiled in the fall and with four less episodes to boot. It didn’t affect the quality of the show, and if anything, it strengthened the laser focus of the show particularly when they produced the epic …Read On »


Movie Review: GONE GIRL

GONE GIRL movie poster | ©2014 20th Century Fox

Rating: R Stars: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, Scoot McNairy Writer: Gillian Flynn, based on her novel Director: David Fincher Distributor: 20th Century Fox Release Date: October 3, 2014 GONE GIRL achieves something rather unusual – it keeps us engaged and eager to know what will happen next, even as we’re not sure that we like the people who are most affected by the story’s events. Based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel, with a screenplay by Flynn that’s directed by David Fincher, GONE GIRL takes turns in showing us several …Read On »


Movie Review: ANNABELLE

ANNABELLE movie poster | ©2014 Warner Bros.

Rating: R Stars: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Tony Amendola, Alfre Woodard, Kerry O’Malley, Brian Howe, Eric Ladin Writer: Gary Dauberman Director: John R. Leonetti Distributor: Warner Bros./New Line Release Date: October 3, 2014 ANNABELLE is a prequel to last year’s THE CONJURING, explaining the history of that way creepy doll that was seen in the earlier film. We even get a scene from the earlier film, with two young nurses earnestly explaining to psychic investigator Ed Warren (who is off-screen here, though his voice is still that of THE CONJURING’s Patrick Wilson, going uncredited in ANNABELLE) that the doll one …Read On »



PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL poster | ©2014 RLJ Entertainment/Image

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Craig Stovin, Criselda Cabitac, Kevin Gates, Michael Bartlett, Mark Jeavons, Rob Whitaker Writer: Kevin Gates Directors: Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett Distributor: RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment Release Date: September 30, 2014 DVD and digital download At the start, let’s salute the independent, do-it-yourself filmmaking ethos of writer/producer Kevin Gates and his co-director Michael Bartlett, along with their excellent choice of locations and the naturalistic performances they get from their cast. They’ve found a creepy location with some real mythology behind it. Leads Craig Stovin and Criselda Cabitac are just right as two participants in a three-day experiment …Read On »


TV Review: SOUTH PARK – Season 18 – “Gluten Free Ebola”

Randy Marsh and Mr. Garrison in SOUTH PARK - Season 18 - "Gluten Free Ebola" | ©2014 Comedy Central

Voices: Trey Parker, Matt Stone Writer-Director: Trey Parker Original Telecast: October 1, 2014 Network: Comedy Central, airs Wednesdays SOUTH PARK has a long history of having on and off weeks. Some times it’s just a matter of opinion – one person’s dislike is another person’s like. So while I absolutely loved the Season 18 debut “Go Fund Yourself,” I wasn’t too fond of this week’s uneven follow-up “Gluten Free Ebola.” While there was an occasional chuckle (the sight gag of a penis exploding out of someone’s pants and flying in the air because of eating Gluten was by far the …Read On »

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