• SLEEPY HOLLOW star Orlando Jones on the Season 2 finale

    The actor talks coming back from the dead

  • EMPIRE showrunner Ilene Chaiken gives the Season 1 scoop

    The executive producer/show runner talks the hit new series

  • Movie Review: FOCUS

    A smart-to-a-point romantic caper

  • Janet McTeer & David Shore on BATTLE CREEK

    The actress and the co-creator/exec producer talk their new CBS series

  • TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD – Season 5 – Remember

    A solid episode that establishes the survivors in a new and exciting location


TOGETHERNESS Star Melanie Lynskey Talks her new HBO series – interview

Melanie Lynskey as Michelle Pierson on TOGETHERNESS | © 2015 Jaimie Trueblood/HBO

In HBO’s new half-hour TOGETHERNESS, Sundays at 9:30 PM, Melanie Lynskey plays Michelle Pierson. Michelle is a mother of two who starts to examine her marriage when her sister (Amanda Peet) and her husband’s best friend (Steve Zissis) move in with the family. The naturalistic tone of TOGETHERNESS, created by independent feature filmmakers/brothers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass (who plays Michelle’s husband Brett) is distinctly different from the raucous high style of CBS’ TWO AND A HALF MEN, which Lynskey has recurred on for over a decade as Rose, devoted stalker and possibly murderer of Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie. Lynskey, …Read On »


ALEXANDER … Highlights this week in Blu-ray, DVD and VOD Releases


Your time is short. We know this. So in order to expedite your buying and Netflix decision making, we provide you with a list of the cool and not-so-cool titles coming out for movies, television and everything in-between. So put your feet up, grab some popcorn and check out this week’s selections. Movies: ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY – There are a number of family movies that have come out over the past few years that try to merge entertaining the parents while giving the kids something to pay attention to as well. ALEXANDER AND THE …Read On »


BOSCH star Annie Wersching talks Amazon Studios New Show – exclusive interview

BOSCH from Amazon Studios | © 2015 Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios’ BOSCH, now streaming its ten-episode first season on Amazon Prime, is based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels about LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver. In the first season, Harry is investigating the recent murder of a pretty woman found in a car, and a cold case regarding the remains of a young boy, which suggests the work of a serial killer. Annie Wersching plays novice LAPD Officer Julia Brasher. 24 fans know Wersching from her two seasons on 24 as Jack Bauer’s troubled lover, Agent Renee Walker. Among her many credits, the Missouri native also …Read On »




Rating: Not Rated Stars: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Luke McKenzie, Keith Agius, Berynn Schwerdt Writers: Kiah Roache-Turner & Tristan Roache-Turner Director: Kiah Roache-Turner Distributor: IFC Midnight Release Date: February 13, 2015 Zombie movies (and TV shows, for that matter) come in all moods and mythologies. WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD, set and shot primarily in the Australian bush, is a perfectly good mixture of gore, drama, humor and a couple of new ideas to make the plot spin in some novel directions. As scholars of Biblical lore – and a lot of horror fans – know, Wyrmwood is …Read On »



KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE | © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox

Rating: R Stars: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson, Michael Caine Writers: Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic book THE SECRET SERVICE by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons Director: Matthew Vaughn Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Release Date: February 13, 2015 It’s hard to know how to quantify KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. Based on THE SECRET SERVICE comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the movie starts off as a James Bondian superspy adventure, with big action, big violence and upper-class English people who can use strong language with …Read On »


TV Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 10 – “The Hunter Games”

Dean (Jensen Ackles) gets ready to torture an angel in SUPERNATURAL The Hunter Games | © 2015 Diyah Pera/The CW

Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark A. Sheppard, Curtis Armstrong, Ruth Connell, Kathryn Love Newton Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner, series created by Eric Kripke Director: John Badham Network: The CW, Tuesdays @ 9 PM Original Airdate: January 20, 2015 In SUPERNATURAL’s 10th-season winter finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) had Mark of Cain problems, Sam (Jared Padalecki) had guilt-ridden brother problems, Castiel (Misha Collins) had daughter-of-the-guy-whose-body-he-inhabits problems and Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) had witchy mother issues. In the series’ January return, “The Hunter Games,” everyone is still grappling with their personal demons. Since the Mark of Cain has …Read On »


EMPIRE creator Danny Strong on the Season 1 scoop – exclusive interview

Terrence Howard stars as Lucious Lyon on Fox's EMPIRE | © 2015 Michael Lavine/FOX

Fox’s freshman series EMPIRE, Wednesdays at 9 PM, is already a hit, renewed for a second season. Set in the world of hip-hop, it tells the story of ailing music mogul Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard. Lucious wants to know that his legacy will continue after he passes and is trying to decide which of his three sons should inherit the company he created. Eldest son Andre (Trai Byers) has the best head for business, but no musical talent. Youngest son Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) has gifts, but he often squanders them on drugs and pay-to-play women. Middle son …Read On »


TV Review: MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER – Season 1 – “A Sin to Err”

Bridget Regan stars as Dottie, an agent of Leviathan in MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER "A Sin to Err" | © 2015 ABC/Adam Rose

Cast: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham, Lyndsy Fonseca, Kyle Bornheimer, Meagen Fay, Dominic Cooper Writers: Lindsey Allen Director: Stephen Williams Network: Airs on ABC, Tuesdays @ 9:00 P.M. Original telecast: Feb. 10, 2015 As we reach the final run of the first season (and hopefully not the last) of MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER, “A Sin to Err” did a good job of bringing everything together for the final two episodes. The crux of the episode dealt with the revelation to SSR that Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) isn’t who she has appeared to be to the …Read On »


TV Review: GOTHAM – Season 1 – “The Scarecrow”

Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) visits James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) at the GCPD in The Scarecrow | © 2015 Jessica Miglio/FOX

Cast: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Robin Lord Taylor, David Mazouz, Camren Bicondova, Erin Richards, Sean Pertwee, Morena Baccarin, John Dorman, Cory Michael Smith, David Zayas Writer: Ken Woodruff Director: Nick Copus Network: Airs on Fox, Mondays @ 9 p.m. Original Telecast: Feb. 9, 2015 All things being said, I was a bit disappointed in the second half of the GOTHAM two-parter that introduced the origin of Scarecrow in the aptly named “The Scarecrow.” Mostly, because it lacked the very person the episode it was supposed to be about. Obviously, maybe he’ll reappear in future episodes and this …Read On »


Movie/VOD Review: GIRL HOUSE

GIRL HOUSE | © 2015 Phase 4 Films

Cast: Ali Cobrin, Adam DiMarco, Alice Hunter, Chasty Ballesteros, Alyson Bath, Slaine, Wesley MacInnes, Erin Agostino, Camren Bicondova Writers: Nick Gordon Director: Trevor Matthews Distributor: Phase 4 Films Release Date: Feb. 13, 2015 The power of technology and the horrors that we let into our lives as a result are at the center of GIRL HOUSE. Porn has always been at the forefront of technology. It revolutionized the way we watch movies and television on video and more recently has been a pioneer in web cam cinema, where girls take it all off live for hundreds, if not thousands, of men …Read On »

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